14 Best Trombone Songs

14 Best Trombone Songs

Whether or not you’re a trombonist, we can probably all agree that the trombone has one of the most beautiful tones of all musical instruments. The trombone songs are widely played on many hit songs. In this article, we will have a look at some of them.

This adaptable brass instrument, which is essentially the only percussion instrument that can genuinely play in tune, can be played in a stately or lyrical manner, depending on how it is used.

Now that you know what a trombone music cover would sound like, try to envision it. It is absolute gold, as you will discover.

If you have been learning how to play trombone for a while, you undoubtedly want to pick up some well-known tunes. This blog features numerous popular songs that originally included the trombone, including pop successes, movie themes, classical melodies, and folk songs.

What is a Trombone?

It’s a brass instrument with a typical range one octave below the trumpet’s range that is made out of a long, cylindrical steel tube with two turns, movable slides, or valves for changing the tone and brass.

In contemporary orchestras, concert bands, and brass groups, it is crucial to balance the high trumpet tones with the other players. Their gentle tenor voice also contributes a lower pitch without the tubas’ boom.

What Differentiates Trombone From Other Instruments?

The trombone differs from other brass instruments in that it uses a slide in place of valves to alter notes. The slide is rotated in or out to change the notes. The air column’s length is altered as a result. The air column expands as the tube gets longer, changing the pitch.

It is simpler to play low notes on bass trombones since they have a broader bore than tenor trombones. Additionally, their bell is larger.

Best Songs to Play on Trombone 

14. Carry on My Wayward Son

Carry On Wayward Son” has been in each of the previous 12 seasons of Supernatural and has grown to be regarded as its unofficial theme song. As a love letter to the fans, it was also played again in the 200th episode as a slowed-down ballad.

He explains, “It’s an autobiographical song. Parallel to our musical career, I have been on a spiritual quest in search of purpose and truth. It was a song of inspiration for oneself. I was reassuring myself that if I kept looking, I would eventually find what I wanted.”

Livgren claims that while the song undoubtedly communicates spiritual seeking and other notions, it was not created with a specific religious message in mind.

Listen to Carry on My Wayward Son On Repeat

13. “Happy” By Pharrell Williams

A trombone arrangement of this wildly famous joyful neo-soul song is sure to catch your ear.

Even a novice trombone player might execute the looped trombone variant with relative ease. The F, E-flat, G, C, B-flat, and A-flat are the notes you need to be familiar with. Everything is much simpler in practice than it is in theory.

The joyous aspect of the song is still stimulated rhythmically even while playing it with the trombone, thus the feel-good atmosphere of the song will undoubtedly show in your playing.

Simply try it out and see.

Listen to “Happy” By Pharrell Williams On Repeat

12. “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

Your playing ability and endurance will be put to the test by the high notes; the 16th and 32nd notes, as well as other notations in this trombone variant but it will all be worthwhile. This medium pop tune requires the G, D, G7, and D7 chords, which are simple, especially for beginners. You can just decide to play this song’s rhythm and melody without any extraneous flourishes. As an alternative, you might combine several trombone layers to make this rendition into anything other than a standard trombone cover.

Once you understand the fundamentals, the possibilities for additional inclusions as you enjoy the song are endless.

Listen to “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke On Repeat

11. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens

If you don’t already play the trombone, hearing this song performed on the instrument will make you eager to start. Impressive chord structures are built as the alto, and jazz trombones harmoniously blend to complete this rendition.

You’re going to adore Christopher Bill’s specific loop arrangement, and you can subsequently decide to add percussion. Your chops, high notes, and lows will dazzle any audience when executed flawlessly.

Listen to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens On Repeat

10. Allegro Francaise By J. Ed. Barat/arr. Glover

For many years, Barat’s “Andante and Allegro” has served as a mainstay of trombone solo repertory. Now, Andrew Glover has abridged and arranged the Allegro for the Barnhouse “Limelight” series. 

A fantastic solo to highlight your trombone, euphonium, or horn soloist. Grade 3 band accompaniment requires the least amount of practice time to be prepared. Grade 4 is great for the solo part, especially if you want a fantastic solo display. 

Listen to Allegro Francaise By J. Ed. Barat/arr. Glover On Repeat

9. “Bohemian Rhapsody” By Queen

The perfect trombone performance of Bohemian Rhapsody serves as the list’s capstone. The original song, a global super hit, captured people’s hearts everywhere. The trombone rendition won’t fall short either.

The trombone version and the original version are perfectly timed and melodically in tune, making this the pinnacle in audio enjoyment. This cover, played by 28 outstanding trombonists, will give you shivers for the next eight minutes.

Listen to “Bohemian Rhapsody” By Queen On Repeat

8. Scotland’s Blue Bells

Tom Higgins and Arthur Pryor – Print Music Source Publisher Desc. Among all Scottish folk songs, one among the most well-known. Arthur Pryor adapted the song for trombone and accompaniment. Typically, this variation is referred to as Blue Bells of Scotland. Although it has sometimes been performed with an orchestra or brass band, it is most frequently done with a piano or concert band. Despite some name issues clouding the precise date, Arthur Pryor most likely wrote his solo setting about 1899.

Listen to Scotland’s Blue Bells On Repeat

7. Johnnie Vinson’s The Carnival of Venice 

Fantasie and Variation” with Multiple Single Options are published by Hal Leonard. Younger players now have access to one of the most well-known solo adventures ever published in this expertly designed scenario. This is a fantastic approach to highlighting outstanding players year after year because there are many alternatives for the featured instrument.

The streets of Venice were crowded with people wearing masks during previous Venice Carnivals, allowing them to conceal their identities and erase any socio-economic distinctions. Additionally, masks permitted the wearer to conceal his identity while engaging in licentious and immoral behavior.

Listen to Johnnie Vinson’s The Carnival of Venice On Repeat

6. “Pirates of the Caribbean” Soundtrack

For a trombonist that is intermediate or advanced, this would be the perfect rendition. However, you can still give it a shot and find out how it goes if you’re up for the challenge.

Your thoughts will be blown by the setup. You are sure to enjoy the deep notes in this particular song, which is a brass trumpet cover and is beautifully rich and throaty.

This skillfully performed rendition is challenging, as was already said. Once you succeed, though, it’d also be quite satisfying.

Listen to “Pirates of the Caribbean” Soundtrack On Repeat

5. Brassy Blow-By-Blow Big Bone B-List

All of these were once on the A-list. My second major discovery of the weekend was Oscar D’Leon. Includes Curtis Fuller, Ashley Slater, Kai Winding, and Vin Gordon. A word of caution regarding Dexys: they might not quite meet your requirements as a guru if you revisit your earlier heroes. I still have a soft spot in my soul for this band, though.

Listen to Brassy Blow-By-Blow Big Bone B-List On Repeat

4. In The Mood By Glenn Miller 

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra are most strongly linked with “In the Mood.” However, Edgar Hayes with His Orchestra initially recorded the Garland original in 1938 before they did, and it is still one of the well-known songs from the swing era.

On NPR’s list of 100 most significant American musical playlists of the 20th century, Glenn Miller’s popular 1939 version of “In the Mood” was included. Joe Garland is credited with writing “In the Mood,” not Glenn Miller. David Miller lists not being connected to Glenn Miller as one of his greatest disappointments in life.

Listen to In The Mood By Glenn Miller On Repeat

3. Mad Be Bop By J. J. Johnson 

On this out-of-print but priceless two-LP set, the renowned trombonist J.J. Johnson can be heard in a variety of settings. Three dates from 1946-1949 that have been significantly enlarged by the addition of other takes include Johnson.

These songs would inspire the well-known Jay and Kai ensemble, with “What Is That Thing Called Love,” “Melodies for Trombones,” and “Lament” standing out. Overall, wonderful music that should be released on CD in its entirety.

Listen to Mad Be Bop By J. J. Johnson On Repeat

2. Cantina Band By John Williams 

Meco’s song “Cantina Band/Star Wars Theme” comes from the collection Star Wars and Several Galactic Funk. On November 1, 1977, it reached the top spot on the Hot 100 and remained there for two weeks.

The song that most people call the “Cantina Band Song” or “Cantina Band 1” actually goes by the name “Mad About Me,” which is a very actual, very Earthly name. The second track you hear during the Cantina Band scene within the original Star Episode IV is called “Cantina Band 2,” hence its name.

From a plot perspective, the scene represents Luke departing behind his previous life and his final encounter with Tatooine before embarking on his mission to save Leia, giving him his first sight of foreign worlds and putting him in over his head.

Listen to Cantina Band By John Williams On Repeat

1. Hurricane Season By Trombone Shorty 

He was learning from his brother James, a powerful musician known as “Satchmo of the Ghetto,” as he navigated New Orleans with his band in tow. Trombone Shorty earned a Ph.D. by the time he was twelve.

Andrews recalls that when he first started playing the trombone at age 6, he “actually couldn’t move past 3rd position using my arm, and I was forced to use my foot.” Therefore, he was known as “Trombone Shorty.”

The majority of hurricanes or tropical storms form between August and October during the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts through the end of November.

Listen to Hurricane Season By Trombone Shorty On Repeat

Final Words

In addition to being merely entertaining, listening to skilled trombone players will aid in developing a distinct aural vision of how you want to sound. Therefore, the aforementioned covers will assist you in developing a superb trombone, which is the most important quality for any trombonist.

Doing any popular song will be simple after you have mastered how to use a trombone. No matter which trombone you choose to play, bass, alto, or tenor, it will always provide you with an excellent note range to let you accomplish whatever you want. 

More importantly, the Trombone hits are available on ListenOnRepeat. This is a very excellent platform that allows you to watch music videos and create a superb playlist thanks to its amazing features, such as unlimited free loops with a start and stop times. 


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