7 Tips to Make The Most Out of Streaming Media

Streaming Media

In this modern era of technology, streaming services for Movies and TV are gaining traction like never before. People cannot get enough of it, and there is no stopping it! 

With numerous shows and jaw-dropping shows at their disposal, streaming fanatics can binge-watch everything overnight.

While everyone knows a thing or two about streaming, the truth is, most people simply don’t take the full advantage of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

To enhance your streaming experience tenfold, we will tell you seven professional tips to get to the depths of streaming media. 

Try them out for yourself and see how much more manageable your streaming platforms get. 

So, let’s get started!

How to Make the Most Out of Streaming Media?

1) Make Unlimited Searches

When looking for the best movies on Netflix, you will come across multiple titles worth watching. You’ll come across titles that you didn’t even know about. 

Most of us tend to undermine the search bars. While in reality, search bars are much more useful than you’d expect.

Even when searching for a specific title, you’ll come across tons of similar titles that you might have never even heard about. The list will never come to an end because it is brimming with documentaries, movies and shows. 

If you can not remember the name of a movie or a series, you can type the name of the celebrity who starred in it. If not that, you can also search it in years or alphabetical order.

There are even multiple categories for streamers to choose from, such as Horror, Comedies, Romance, Action, Thriller, Award-Winning, and so much more. 

This suggestion will give the audience a better streaming experience and loads of choices to go through before they settle on the one they like.

2) Download and Go

Before entertainment platforms like Netflix and Hulu, nearly everyone spent their data and preferred downloading movies illegally rather than streaming them legally. 

Ever since the premise of streaming services, most people have ditched downloading risky pirated content.  

After receiving compelling feedback, some streaming service companies launched the ‘Download and Go’ option in their respective apps. 

It allows users to download any movie or episode from their favorite series. Users can then watch it anytime they want, and not spend data on streaming. 

This hack is extremely useful as it allows users to enjoy their favourite shows without dealing with buffering, lags, delays, and data consumption. 

3) Access To Hidden Titles

Streaming platforms have practically hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from. In Netflix, there are subgroups buried underneath the Netflix homepage that you may visit using several secret codes to facilitate exploring the streaming site’s huge content library. 

The service only reveals a speck of its entire collection to each subscriber, making it unquestionably challenging to dig a bit deeper from the actual application. 

To find more content, you can look up codes and paste them after this URL: netflix.com/browse/genre/ to access many more categories that are otherwise hidden.

With this hack, you’ll be able to find hundreds of different categories on a variety of streaming services. 

4) Watch in 4K

It is hardly worth watching blockbuster content if you can not stream it in high-definition. 

This is why it is critical to ensure that you are getting high-quality streams whenever feasible. May it be HD, UHD, or 4K, any of these will make your experience better and more immersive.

Several streaming platforms have options to let you watch content in high-definition.

To make sure that high-quality streaming is enabled in your app’s settings, select the ‘Automatic’ option to ensure that you always stream in the best possible quality for your device and internet connection speed.

5) Keep an Eye Out for Free Content

Streaming services offer various free content that you can access without having to pay. MX Player, Tubi, TVF and many more offer free access to unlimited content that you can enjoy. However, there are streaming services that offer “Freemium” model of subscription. Freemium means, some of the content are free to watch but you have to pay for premium titles.

You can also enjoy free trials from these streaming services before you choose the best fit for you.

6) Make a Watchlist

Making a watchlist is important for tracking movies and shows. You can create multiple watchlists based on the service you are using. Watchlist allows you to save movies for later. You don’t have to spend hours searching for a movie.  With a well-maintained watchlist, you’ll never have to worry about what to watch. ReelGood and JustWatch can save you trouble of creating a watchlist.

7) Secure Your Streaming Account

Since most streaming platforms allow users to watch their favorite content on upwards of 3+ screens simultaneously, you can either have fun alone or share it with your friends and your relatives and let them enjoy it as well.

While it seems harmless, there could be a problem with that. 

Once you share your login credentials with someone, they could pass it on to someone else. This could easily consume the limit of allotted screens.

If anyone keeps on utilizing your account for their viewing pleasure, they will be interrupting yours. It is why you should let them go and make binge-watching better for you.

To make sure that you always get access to at least one screen that you paid for, you must man up and remove at least one or two users from your streaming account. 

Several entertainment platforms allow you to have at least 5-profiles on your account. It is so that you can watch your media content from different devices or, as mentioned previously, let someone else watch things with you. 

With that, you may find yourself forced to remove some users. You’ll need to decide who gets access to your account. 

If a family member needs your profile, you may need to remove your friend. Sure it would just put you in an unusual position, but it’s only fair.

Nevertheless, before you remove any user, you should be aware that this action is permanent. You can undo it. You’ll need to provide your credentials to anyone who you’d like to share your account with.

Final thoughts

Movies and TV Streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney +, and HBO max are bringing millions of views weekly and making their content better for all users while music streaming services like ListenOnRepeat and Spotify are bringing joy to music lovers with exclusive titles. 

With the hacks mentioned in this article, I hope you can improve your viewing experience on any streaming platform and fully explore the depths of streaming media as per your liking.

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