12 Classic Rock Songs of All Time

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Classic rock songs will never die. It is a lifestyle, an era, and a sound of its own. Even if the song is from the 60s or 70s, these will still be relevant in the future and will still make your feet stomp and pump. Classic rock is one of the most popular and influential songs of all time. It has stood the test of time and with new bands emerging, it’s hard to keep track of the best classic rock songs. There are a plethora of classic rock songs out there and it may be confusing what’s the best. Anyone into music will surely be amazed by what these songs can do. Read on below and discover the best classic rock songs of all time!

12 Greatest Classic Rock Songs of all time

1.”Bohemian Rhapsody” By Queen

Listen To Bohemian Rhapsody On Repeat

Bohemian Rhapsody has reached fame across the world. It is considered one of the most influential and distinguished rock songs of all time. The song is an unusual take on rock but definitely made a mark on the genre. It was released in 1975 and has topped the charts consistently. It is a six-minute epic song and covers an extensive range of emotions. It is a staple in classic rock and anyone recognizes this song. Freddie Mercury who composed this song mentioned in an interview that “Bohemian Rhapsody” is actually three songs that have been put together. It is one of the reasons why it has no chorus and offers deep meaning and emotions in just one song. Listen to this song if you want to experience the best of classic rock history! 

2. “Stairway to Heaven” By Led Zeppelin

Listen To Stairway to Heaven On Repeat

One of the best rock songs to ever be produced, Stairway to Heaven has out-of-this-world lyrics. The song’s rhythm is impeccable and enticing. Anyone listening to this song will get their heart pumping. It is a long song but gets your senses pumped! The song transitions from a slow, acoustic rock, to a high-tempo hard rock. Stairway to heaven has beautifully composed vocals and sounds heavenly to the ear. It starts with a soft and soothing melody consisting of a blend of flute and acoustic guitar. Throughout the song, the lead and acoustic guitar completely entice the listener. The transition from acoustic to the buzzing electric guitar is the best. The guitar technique incorporated into the song is just epic and a journey for anyone listening to this all-time best classic rock song.

3. “Highway to Hell” – AC/DC

Listen To Highway to Hell On Repeat

“Highway to Hell” is considered one of the greatest and most popular rock anthems of all time. This song is AC/DC’s signature riff-driven hard rock song from cover to cover. The lyrics of the song are meaningful, portraying the arduous life on the road. The song has an infectious drum groove, a captivating opening riff, and a full-on we’re gonna die soon attitude. The anthemic chorus made its way to the heart of a lot of hard rock fans. Listen to this song with your friends and watch how everyone sings it’s awesome lyrics!

4. “Smoke on the Water” – Deep Purple

Listen To Smoke on the Water On Repeat

Smoke on the Water is a song popular with many guitar players. It has a simple but amazing opening riff that anyone with a guitar can play. If you’re a beginner guitar player, this riff is simple but amazing to play. The iconic riff is recognizable and is one of the biggest hits of all time. The song has a trace of Renaissance as the riff is done in fourths and fifths on a medieval modal scale. The song appears foreboding and dark which is a contrast to today’s pop music thirds. It has raspy vocals and an iconic riff that deserves its place in the top classic rock songs of all time

5.”Rock You Like a Hurricane” – Scorpions

Listen To Rock You Like a Hurricane On Repeat

Rock You Like a Hurricane is composed by the west German rock band, The Scorpions. It is considered their signature song that topped US Billboard charts. The song is highly regarded as one of the top 80’s hard rock anthems. This track has a very energetic guitar riff, loud drums and dominating vocals. You’d want to headbang for this track! Rock You Like a Hurricane is ideal to listen to in your slow mornings to give you that surge of energy for the entire day.

6. “Baba O’ Riley” – The Who

Listen To Bob O’ Riley On Repeat

This classic rock song takes you back to the mid 80’s music festival. Apart from the enticing starting loop, Baba O’ Riley has a smooth violin solo that calms you down and then energizes you as other instruments begin to play in the background. The song has instrumentals that are very comforting to listen to. The opening keyboard is intriguing and fast-paced. There is also a guitar solo in the middle that acts as a bridge between verses. Many die-hard rock fans consider this as THE song of the year 1971. This genuine and creative piece of rock music history stands the test of time and listening to it creates a pleasurable experience for anyone jamming to this song.

7.”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Listen To I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll On Repeat

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll has that catchy tune that lifts your mood instantly. Just sing along with its chorus and it will get you grooving throughout the day. It is an ode to the power of rock music and remains one of the most sought-after songs in classic rock music history. The song was a big hit that quickly rose to the top charts and is even recognized in the Grammy hall of fame. You’d love rock and roll once you listen to his mood-boosting track!

8. “Iron Man” – Black Sabbath

Listen To Iron Man On Repeat

Ozzy Osbourne’s lyrics for this song are unique and interesting. If you’re a Marvel comics fan, this song is recognizable and relatable. It’s about a time-traveling robot who goes into the future to witness the apocalypse. He warns people about the pending danger but they just mock him for his troubles. Bitter and angry, “Iron Man” eventually destroys everything in his path, ultimately becoming the one he warned about. The guitar riff is iconically combined with the rocking voice of Ozzy. The guitar riff is the defining feature of this classic rock song and will make anyone rock out and jam with “Iron Man”.


9. “Comfortably Numb” – Pink Floyd

Listen To Comfortably Numb On Repeat

Rock fans who want a slow vibe will enjoy listening to Comfortably Numb. It is one of those rock songs that are relaxing and mellow. The song has soft and trippy vocals that are great to listen to if you’re just chilling and relaxing. The loud but slowly played guitar also has a haunting effect that makes its listeners have that “high’ feeling. If you want to just chill and mellow out, this classic rock song is perfect for you. It’s a refreshing take on classic rock music that anyone must listen to.

10. Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen

Listen To Fat Bottomed Girls On Repeat

A fun and classic rock song, this is a song about love for “fat bottomed” girls. The song portrays that they make the world go around. The lyrics mean that you should love yourself for what you are. This fantastic song is ideal in today’s world where body positivity and self-love are of utmost importance. Truly, this is a great classic rock song that just never goes out of popularity. Make your day great by just listening to this awesome tune!

11. Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses

Listen To Sweet Child O’ Mine On Repeat

A lot of people instantly recognize this song’s opening guitar riff. A catchy and upbeat opening will greet you as you play this classic rock song. Guns N’ Roses certainly makes you feel like a rock star while listening to this track. The fast-paced guitar riff that runs through the song is exhilarating. Pump up your mood as you listen to this energetic classic rock song that cemented its place as one of the top classic rock songs of all time.

12. Purple Haze” – Jimi Hendrix

Listen To Purple Haze On Repeat

Purple Haze is one of Jimi’s best compositions and it displays phenomenal guitar work throughout the song. It is a chill and easy track with strong vocals. The classic rock song describes a “Psychedelic trip” and uses a lot of imagery that Jimi is on some sort of a trip. A lot of effects are incorporated into this song such as a Wah-Wah and Cry-baby pedal. A unique and out-of-this-world electric guitar riff is present throughout the song. If you want a special rock song with multiple sound effects, this is perfect for you. A psychedelic feeling awaits you as you listen to this great classic rock song.

Final Words

Whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, there is a classic rock song for everyone. Classic rock is definitely one of the most timeless and remarkable genres in music history. There may be new bands to come and challenge the norm and changing tastes of the public but nothing can replace our hearts for those old-school classic rock music.

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