The Best Cycling Apps for 2022

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Cycling is one of the most effective ways of exercise that many people love. Currently, many applications make this form of exercise more straightforward and more effective on the app store. 

There are many apps that are dedicated to helping you with your riding sections. Here is a list of particular cycling apps that cyclist loved in 2021 that you should check out in 2022!

Google Maps 

Google Maps is at the top of must-have applications for cyclists. This is arguably the most popular of all apps, with a presence on almost any phone. Besides detailed directions for each route, it also provides famous places from markets, cafes, museums, banks, and users’ comments that they went to those locations. 

Of course, that is not entirely perfect or magic; this cycling app is built on the user’s own experience. So the accuracy is very high. Plus, you can observe the actual images captured by others in the featured photos section of the app for an overview. Besides, you absolutely can rate your destination as a recommended way for other riders.


The Strava allows you to measure time and mileage. Also, the app ranks average run times on equal lengths or trails. 

The higher-level versions will also enable an analysis of the riding process from synthesizing previous rides’ results over a long period. Besides, Strava also lets friends with fellow riders track their ride progress and give comments and praise or advice to these friends on the roads. 

This cycling training app also allows sharing live photos on the streets you take on Instagram to share exciting moments with friends while riding. How fun it is when you can both experience live cycling with your friends while saving those moments on social media.


Integrating Google Maps features, Cyclemeter allows you to get directions to unfamiliar places. Besides, a Cyclemeter can measure the time and distance you ride your bike. 

Cyclemeter always monitors your health by heart rate and alerts if your heart rate is outside the safe level during cycling. This way, you have both safe rides and how well you can measure your health. 

This free cycling app also automatically updates when switching to another time zone, making it much more convenient for you. You do not need to worry too much when cycling in strange cities that do not have the same time zone as you. Cyclemeter is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Map My Ride 

Map My Ride allows for tracking the length of the distance that you take and tracking the status of weight and nutrients in the cyclist’s body. Indeed you will have safe and healthy rides because you can measure your health condition. 

Map My Ride can also show you the way when going to unfamiliar places. Every time you go to a new city, enter the area you want to go to and follow the app’s instructions, and you can safely get to where you want to be. 

The higher-level versions allow you to plan long-distance journeys, track your trip’s length, and make the best choices for the route. Besides, friends and family can keep track of your schedule. May My Ride is suitable for all types of Bluetooth connections.

Wahoo Fitness 

With this free indoor cycling app, you can check your cycling heart rate, cycling speed, and cycling force for each mileage. Therefore, you will know whether you are cycling too fast or too slow, how much power you pedal, and whether it improves or not. 

If you are too busy at work and want to transfer documents urgently, you can also easily send these data via Email or Dropbox. You will also be pleased with the large selection of eight custom data pages for health, distance, travel speed. 

Plus, Wahoo Fitness also supports GPS for your navigation. However, using this application will consume your battery quickly, so you should consider it when downloading.

Yahoo! Weather

It’s so bad you were on your journey, and suddenly a thunderstorm came. Therefore, the weather application will be an option that you cannot ignore. 

There are currently many weather applications; however, Yahoo! Weather is still the best option for first cyclers. This ride tracking app has a straightforward interface with all the essential information you want to know. 

You can quickly see the information about temperature, humidity, wind, and so on. Most importantly, the app will provide you with information about when the sun rises, the sun is cold, or it rains. Thanks to that, you will ensure your journey goes smoothly. You will have a smooth ride without worrying about unexpected weather events.

First Aid American Red Cross

When getting on the bike, each of us should ensure our own safety such as wearing a commuter helmet for a casual ride. Still, during the trip, you may likely experience a few injuries on your journey, and you will not know how to handle it. The First Aid for Cyclists is, therefore, an attractive option. 

With this app, you will receive basic instructions on the treatment of trauma, including trauma treatment to the neck. This is also a handy tool for any cyclist; you can also use these instructions to help someone else who is in luck in an accident. 

In this app’s main interface, you can see the widgets of bleeding, bone, emergency, or facial injury. With each of these widgets, you will see many other related injuries when you click on it. For each type of injury, the app gives you different indications. Arguably this is the fastest lifesaver for any trauma you encounter on your bike ride.

Medical ID

If you own a high-end iPhone, take advantage of the Health app on your device. This feature is built into iOS 8 and still available in the latest iOS; Medical ID helps you store much different information related to health and emergency calls right from the lock screen. 

Therefore, you should set up your health information and the phone numbers of relatives and friends to receive assistance when needed. If you want to install a Medical ID, go to the Health, select Medical ID in the lower right corner of the screen, and click “Create Medical ID.” 

You need to enter necessary information such as date of birth, height, weight, blood type, and emergency contact phone number. Please do not take this information lightly because it is so important. It can save your life at any time if you have health problems. Let’s turn on your phone right away and get set up now.

My Fitness Pal 

Nutrition is also an issue that riders need to keep in mind; the My FitnessPal will help you keep track of your daily diet, calculate calorie intake and consumption based on foods and the sports you did for the day. 

If you love cycling for health and want to lose weight, My FitnessPal is the right cycling training app for you. Also, it allows you to scan barcodes to find nutritional information. 

You have complete control over what you eat and plan for the best nutritional intake. If you don’t know how to plan your nutrition, you can also join the nutrition community and start practicing. This way, you can have healthy cycling while keeping in shape.


The Zwift app is a virtual indoor cycling app that allows you to exercise while competing with your friends. When practicing on Zwift, you can easily keep track of your stats, so there are timely adjustments. 

The screen’s left corner shows your entire practice lesson and which lesson you are working on in it. Below the screen is your overall performance during the workout. And at the top of the screen, you can see the performance. 

Plus, you can also see the standards you need to work towards to compare and adjust accordingly. You can join any race that Zwift members organize, or you can manage your race and invite your friends to join.

Runtastic Road Bike Cyclisme 

The Runtastic Road Bike Cyclisme is highly rated by professional riders. Like most activity trackers, the app measures distance, speed, altitude, and calories burned. You can also track your location on the map for a specified period through your smartphone’s GPS navigation feature. Runtastic Road Bike Cyclisme keeps track of all your bike rides. 

This app is a good choice if you want to measure your riding progress. It also motivates you to get on your bike and go outside more frequently. Besides, you can use this app to find a great number of travel ideas and weather information. 

With the Pro version, you can better track your fitness efforts and gauge progress during your workout, such as a voice coach providing information on speed. The degree, distance, and elevation of your journey track live activities for encouragement from friends or family.

Top 10 Songs to Listen to While Cycling

Looking for a cycling playlist to enhance your riding experience? We’ve got just what you need. Below are the top 10 songs to listen to while cycling to motivate your ride:

  1. Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz
  2. The Bike Song – Mark Ronson
  3. Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons
  4. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
  5. Riding on My Bike – Madness
  6. Bicycle Song – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  7. Somebody Told Me – The Killers
  8. Let’s Go – Ne-Yo
  9. Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
  10. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine


When attached to the bicycle handlebars, smartphones with specialized cycling apps available on the App Store Or Google Play Store will provide you with various features such as activity tracking, navigation, travel speed calculation, or cycling frequency. As a cyclist there’s always a chance that your bike might get stolen. However, you can adopt these common sense steps to prevent bike theft.

With the list of apps above, you can measure everything on your bike route with Runtastic Road Bike Cyclisme; you can have first aid knowledge with First Aid for Cyclists or Capture weather information with Yahoo! Weather. Hope you have a safe and good cycling trip.

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