Best Desktop Computers Under $600

desktop computers under $600

Desktop computers under $600 are most suitable for daily tasks while enjoying some gaming. There were times when even average desktop computers would cost you a fortune. But now you can buy better PCs with higher specs and performance within your budget. While there are hundreds of options in the market, you might want to choose which suits you the best. Whether it’s for personal or business use, these desktop computers suit everywhere and the best part is you can always upgrade your PC whenever you want.

A decent desktop computer in this price range will be around 3GHz of processor, 1 TB hard drive, up to 12GB RAM, and a graphics card for gaming. Dell, CyberPowerPC, HP, Acer, and iBuyPower are a few of the top manufacturers of mid-range desktop computers.

If you are looking for a budget desktop computer, we have curated a list of best desktop computers under $600 below ranked according to their power and performance. Take a look!

Best Desktop Computers under $600


Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 2300x


Storage: 1TB HDD + 240GB SSD

Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 570

Price: $599

CyberPowerPC is a powerful desktop computer offering solid performance in multi-tasking as well as gaming. You can easily play any modern games at medium/high settings with decent Frame Per Second (FPS). It is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 3 2300x processor which is one of the best in the Ryzen series. The AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card can play modern titles with detailed visuals. With 1TB HDD, you will never run out of space while an additional 240GB SSD will decrease load times for installing games and software while multitasking. It is also equipped with 8GB of RAM which seems a little short. However, you can get yourself an additional stick if you experience any lag issues. The computer supports Next-gen wireless connectivity which will boost your network speed up to 3x and there are enough ports for wired connectivity as well. 

CyberPowerPC is our top-pick for the best Desktop Computers under $600 due to its features at an affordable price.

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Lenovo – IdeaCentre 51OA DesktopLenovo Desktop

Processor: Intel Core i5


Storage: 1TB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630 Graphics

Price: $499

Equipped with fast Intel Core i5 processor, Lenovo IdeaCentre 510A is an excellent home computer. It can handle all your business tasks and can store huge amounts of data in its 1TB of storage. Multi-tasking made easy, you can open a bunch of browser tabs, watch videos, install software, and perform other tasks without having to experience any lag. It is equipped with 8GB of RAM which you can upgrade with your needs. 

Lenovo – IdeaCentre is the best choice for someone seeking a decent computer for home or office use. The laptop is not made for gaming. However, it can handle light gaming with its Intel UHD 630 graphics. If you wish to play heavy games, you can look for the other desktops on the list.

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Dell – Inspiron Desktop Dell Inspiron

Processor: Intel Core i5


Storage: 1TB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630

Price: $599


Dell computers have a long history of being trustworthy with a global market share of around 19%. Performance is guaranteed in every dell device and reliability has never been an issue. The new Dell –Inspiron Desktop is equipped with a fast intel core i5 processor. You can get all your jobs done with massive 12GB RAM without experiencing any lag issues. The Intel UHD graphics can provide seamless visuals while watching videos or playing light-weight games. Huge 1TB Storage can be helpful to store all your data. Other features include CD/DVD drives, various USB ports, wired and wireless connectivity options, and Bluetooth 4.0 interface.

The desktop comes with fully installed office packages as well as other software with OS Windows 10. Dell – Inspiron is an excellent choice for home or office use making it one of the best desktop computers under $600.

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iBUYPOWER Gaming DesktopiBuyPower

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

RAM: 8GB Memory

Storage: 1TB HDD + 120GB SSD

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2GB

Price: $579

The new iBUYPOWER Desktop is a powerful budget gaming desktop offering solid performance in gaming and multitasking. It is equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 2 3200G 3.2 GHz processor with 8GB RAM. The G in 3200G stands for Gaming which means the desktop is built for mid/high-level gaming. It has storage of 1TB HDD and 120GB SSD which is enough for installing all the latest games as well as storing your data files. The Nvidia Geforce GT graphics is capable of playing all the modern games at a high setting with decent fps. The desktop however would be perfect if installed with another 8GB RAM stick.

It supports wireless connectivity and there are enough ports for wired connections. The cool part is you can customize lighting in the keyboard and case which provides additional glare to the overall design of the computer. Overall, this iBUYPPOWER Gaming Desktop is a perfect choice for gaming nerds on a budget. 

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HP ENVY DesktopHP Envy Desktop

Processor: Intel Core i5

RAM: 12GB 

Storage: 512GB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630

Price: $599 – $699

HP Envy Desktop will power your creativity to the next level. If you are searching for a powerful computer for multitasking at home or office, this setup is made for you. It is equipped with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8400 processor which offers six-way processing. The 512GB SSD offers higher speed and performance with reduced heat and noises as compared with typical hard drives. The Intel UHD graphics deliver high-quality visuals while watching videos or playing light-weight games. Frame drops and lag will never be an issue with the massive 12GB RAM

The computer is equipped with 4 SuperSpeed USB 3.1 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and a USB-C port. It supports Next-generation wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth 5.0. There is also a CD/DVD drive and additional ports include Microphone and headphone jacks and HDMI.

The HP Envy Desktop is a perfect day-to-day budget desktop. You can perform all your tasks like creating content, watching videos, browsing the internet, listening to music all at once while enjoying some gaming. It offers huge performance at a reasonable price making it one of the best desktop computers under $600.

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