9 Best Cloud Gaming Services To Play and Stream Video Games

cloud gaming services

Cloud gaming is the future of video gaming. Many big industries have launched cloud gaming services including Playstation, Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia. Traditionally, you had to buy expensive hardware, computers, or consoles to enjoy games but not anymore. With cloud gaming services you can play and stream your video games just like you stream your movies on Netflix. The first cloud gaming service, OnLive was launched in 2010. Since then cloud gaming has evolved to be one of the greatest sources of entertainment. You can access any games anywhere with just the internet and a computer or phone without having to upgrade your system. However, a high-speed internet connection is necessary for hassle-free gaming.

The cloud gaming services offer monthly subscription plans and you can get a few games for free. The support of multi-platform takes gaming to the next level. You can now play PC games on Mac and mobiles. You can make use of any device with the internet to initiate a cloud gaming service.

Here are the best cloud gaming services to play and stream video games:

Geforce Now

Developed by Nvidia, Geforce Now is the most resilient cloud gaming service. You can stream and play your video games online anywhere. Geforce Now offers stunning graphics and performance with realistic visuals. With just 3 simple steps you can sign up to Geforce now and start your cloud gaming:

  • Create a Geforce Now account
  • Download App
  • Link your gaming library

Geforce is now available in macOS, Windows, and Shield TV.  You can access your existing gaming library from Steam or Origin and link it to Geforce Now. You can play any AAA game easily on your low-spec device without having to upgrade it. Geforce Now serves in Europe and North America with two subscription plans: Free and Founders. The free plan gives you standard access with one-hour session access and with a $5 per month Founder Plan, you get priority server access with increased sessions. RTX (Ray Tracing) is also available for the founders.  

Playstation Now

Playstation Now is another cloud gaming service that offers hundreds of PS2, PS3, and PS4 exclusive games with a monthly subscription of $9.99. It also offers a 7-day free trial and there are over 800 games that you can play or stream. After the release of PS5 could gaming has got even bigger. Playstation adds new titles every month to its cloud servers and you can play most of the AAA titles for anywhere. Playstation Now supports PC and PS4 for cloud gaming. All you have to do is connect your Dualshock controller, download the Playstation Now App, and import your gaming library. A stable connection with an internet bandwidth of 5mbps is recommended.


Vortex is the perfect fit for a cloud gaming beginner. It’s simple, easy to afford and over 100 titles waiting on the vortex library. The most fascinating feature of the vortex cloud gaming service is it can run with an app on iOS or Android. Although it comes nowhere near to competing with bigger services like Geforce Now or Google Stadia, it’s a good alternative with quick access to all your games. 

The monthly subscription of Vortex starts from $9.99. You can now play your favorite titles like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and much more from different devices. It offers a customizable on-screen controlling system with better thumbstick movements and clicks. You can run vortex on a low-end PC as it offers browser support. You can enjoy 50 hours of cloud gaming every month with the vortex. 

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is the latest entry in the cloud gaming services. Google has introduced many new features in the cloud streaming market like 4k streaming and 2 free games for subscribers each month. It also supports Chromecast Ultra with which you can stream your games directly to your TV. Google Stadia costs $129 for access to the streaming service, Chromecast Ultra, and a wireless controller. Currently, there is only the Premiere Edition available which includes 3 months of membership. You have to subscribe to the monthly plan at $9.99 after that. 

Google Stadia has a strong technology in use and streaming needs an internet connection of over 50mbps. Many believe Google Stadia might not have a long-term future as setting up the service is a headache.


Shadow is more gaming PC than just a cloud gaming service, a cloud PC. It offers dedicated storage and works on all devices. You can import all your games and checkpoints from Uplay, Steam, Epic, Origin, GOG, etc. into your Shadow library and access from anywhere. The initial subscription for Shadow was $34.95 per month but now you can get it for just $12.99 with cancellation available at all times. There is no free trial available. With Shadow, you can run any game on your low-end hardware without having to upgrade and enjoy the high-end performance. All you need an internet bandwidth of at least 15mbps. 


Jump is the best cloud gaming service if you are not into AAA games. Jump streams indie games on your computer and its subscription is just $4.99 per month. It offers a 14 days free trial and 70% of its revenue supports game developers who develop and release new games every month. Jump cloud gaming service is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. As of 2022 Jump has been shut down but there are rumors of a new version of Jump coming out.

Project xCloud

Released on 2021, Project xCloud is Microsoft Cloud Gaming Service which streams Xbox games in Androids and tablets. Microsoft has another similar game streaming called Xbox Console Streaming which also streams games from the Xbox console to Android. The primary objective of Project xCloud is to stream Xbox exclusives to Android devices. You need a Bluetooth Xbox One controller and a stable internet connection. Xbox Series X will release later this year and we can expect it to support Project xCloud. Currently, there are over 50 games announced but we will get more once the cloud gaming streaming releases.


Loudplay is another powerful cloud gaming service by Cloud. The process is simple; it creates a virtual computer for you and you can use it to access your gaming libraries like Steam or Uplay. You can also run your other software with Loudplay. It offers Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content for the better gaming experience. You can easily get 60fps gaming with an internet bandwidth of 10mbps. The subscription plan for Loudplay is $1 per hour with no free trial available. 


Blacknut is a fast streaming cloud gaming service with over 400 games in one app. It is designed for families with options like parental control. The subscription plan for Blacknut starts at $12.99 which gives you access to all the games with no high-end hardware required. With Blacknut you can play and stream all your games anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it’s a play on-demand so you don’t need to have a gaming console and access your games from just a mobile phone. Storage space is not required and you can enjoy cloud gaming with up to 5 friends or family members at one time.

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