Guest Post Guidelines

guest post guidelines

Submit a Guest Post – Guidelines of ListenOnRepeat

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us for guest blogging. Established in 2012, ListenOnRepeat is the world’s #1 YouTube Looper with a fan base worldwide. If you would like to reach a new audience base, ListenOnRepeat can help you reach people globally.

Why should you consider contributing to ListenOnRepeat?

  • World’s #1 YouTube Loop Fan Community
  • The post is promoted through different social media channels
  • A backlink to your website (if any) or author recognition

How can you contribute to ListenOnRepeat?

You can become a regular contributor to ListenOnRepeat. Please read the following guidelines carefully before writing the guest post. Make sure the article falls upon the accepted category & all the rules are followed to ensure the approval of your post.

Accepted Categories

  • Technology
  • Internet
  • How to
  • Latest Trends
  • Podcasting
  • Health
  • Music

Your article will go through a manual check from our representatives. Make sure you follow the below guidelines before requesting the posting.

Article Quality

The article should be a minimum of 1500 words and should cover all topics in detail. Create a table of content if needed. Write an original article to ensure approval. Plagiarized articles will not be accepted. Consider writing in informative & formal language.

No Self-Promotion

We allow genuine contributions only. If your article focuses on some sort of promotion of a business or website, it probably won’t be accepted. The article should be informative for the readers. You will be allowed a backlink to your website on an anchor that fits best.

By submitting a post to ListenOnRepeat, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This is to avoid DMCA issues. Also, if we found out your post was copied from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and your post will be removed from ListenOnRepeat.

Images & Videos

Add images & videos to your articles. If you are writing a “tutorial” or “how-to”, you may use screenshots or videos. Make sure not to use copyrighted images or videos from any other websites.

If your links on blog posts are found to be redirecting to websites like (Porn, Spam, bitcoin mining, etc.), the links will be removed and might possibly lead to your articles getting down.

Features of Guest Posting at ListenOnRepeat

Guest Posting at ListenOnRepeat offers maximum features to boost your article and drive traffic to your website. These features include:
✔ Approval of Your Articles Within 2 Days of Submission.
✔ Backlinks to Your Website
✔ Featured Article for one Month
✔ Author Recognition
✔ Social Media Shares and Promotions
✔ Chance to Collaborate 

Contact us at for more info.

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