How to make a playlist on YouTube?

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There are a lot of exciting videos on Youtube. From cat videos, documentaries, music, video courses, and many more. Out of all the hundreds and thousands of videos we come across on Youtube, there are some videos that are exceptional and worth watching again later. It could be because of their informative value or entertainment value.

A collection of the favourites

Sometimes, when you get online, you spend a lot of time going through your browser history to find that one video you watched a week ago, but still fail to find it. Of course, it is possible to check your Youtube history, but that takes ages too, and you don’t want to do that for every video. Especially if you want to watch a specific section of a long video, let alone watch a particular list of videos or video sections.

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This is where playlists are important. Making video queues is fine if you want to watch a couple of videos at that very moment and they won’t be needed later for sharing or to rewatch. It is common to have a number of playlists on Youtube where you add different videos that you run into. They are like your personal folders of videos and music for different moods and tastes.

The playlists we make are sometimes too good to be listened to just by yourself. We all get that feeling of thinking that our friends are missing what we are watching or listening to. It could be a very informative video that you don’t want them to miss. Or it could be a very entertaining video that you would like to share so that you can share a few laughs and talk about it.

Let’s walk through some of the ways you can make a playlist of your favourite Youtube videos.

Create a public YouTube playlist without limitations

Youtube has a feature for creating playlists and sharing them publicly. But that’s all it does, allows you to make a list of your favourite videos and share them publicly. And you always need to have an account with Youtube to do it. This becomes a problem when using a public device. Nobody wants to log into their account on a public computer just to create a Youtube playlist.

Sometimes you just want to make a Youtube playlist of videos, music, and sections of videos and maybe share it with a couple of friends or your social media following without having to create an account. That’s when you need to start using ListenOnRepeat, probably the best Youtube looper for your advanced Youtube needs.

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However, creating an account with ListenOnRepeat is very important if you want to see the immense power of the Youtube looper. The account will help ListenOnRepeat track some statistics of your usage such as the number of repeats you do on a video to track what your favourites are. The account also helps ListenOnRepeat to recommend videos to you based on what you like.

ListenOnRepeat has many important features that you can benefit from, and as much as it is tempting to go over every goodie, we will only go through how you can use its power to create a YouTube playlist.

Add descriptive names to your playlists

The best way to go about creating a public Youtube playlist on ListenOnrepeat is to start by creating the playlist themselves. You can do this by selecting the My Music on the left navigation pane. You can then add a new playlist name in the New Playlist+ textbox provided right below the My Music tab or in the My Music window.

These playlists are like folders carrying the videos you will add to them, so it is important to name them as descriptively as possible for easy identification. You can add as many playlists as you like.

Assemble your favourite videos

You can also populate your created playlists with videos by adding your favourite video to the appropriate playlists. This can be done easily by selecting the Add to playlist button right below the playing video. Once Add to playlist has been selected, a list of the playlists that you created earlier will show up and all you have to do is select the appropriate playlist for the video.

You can also create a new playlist using the same button if the list of playlists does not match the video you want to add. Keep in mind that the video will be automatically added to the new playlist.

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You can also add a video into a playlist without having to play it, right from the search results. The Add to playlist feature can be found on any video in the search results, allowing you to add more videos quickly to a playlist you created, or by creating a new playlist quickly.

More than just a playlist of videos

The playlist that you create with ListenOnRepeat is not like the native Youtube playlist. They do not just contain your favourite videos and music, they can also be a playlist of sections of videos that you selected using ListenOnRepeat.

The power of ListenOnrepeat as a Youtube looper makes it easily possible to select a section of a video and add that to a playlist. That becomes very handy when you only want to watch or listen to it without searching with the seek bar.

Each video or section added to a playlist is treated as an individual item, and you can perform actions like looping them, shuffling them, or rearranging them by sorting or manually dragging them in place.

Share the list with the public

The playlist that you create can be shared with your friends or to your social media following easily. You don’t have to copy the link to the playlist and post it on your social media to do that. ListenOnRepeat allows you to instantly share your list to Facebook and Twitter without having to edit permissions to your playlist.

Since you can create a playlist without having an account with ListenOnRepeat, the playlist is accessible to anyone you share the link with. The people who have access to your playlist can also use features like playing the list on repeat or shuffling the videos or even liking them.

From this explanation, we can see that using ListenOnRepeat provides a lot of possibilities that you can not have while using native Youtube to create public playlists. You can easily have access to ListenOnRepeat by adding the Chrome extension to your browser for quick access.

The ListenOnRepeat chrome extension is a safe extension that is not intrusive by not requiring any permission to access your browsing data. The installation of the extension in the Chrome browser is very easy, it only requires you to accept adding the extension to your browser.

Sharing a private playlist

To share a private playlist on youtube, you will need to create a Youtube account first. A Google account works fine for Youtube. The account is needed to secure your playlist

To do this, you first create your playlist on Youtube with a descriptive name. Then you will have to populate your playlist with videos the same way we did with ListenOnRepeat. The difference is that playlists on Youtube do not take sections of videos like you can do with ListenOnRepeat.

After creating the playlist, you have to edit the playlist privacy settings, which come with three levels of access; Public, Private and Unlisted.

Changing the privacy setting to Public will make your playlist accessible to anyone who can search for it. Anyone with the link can also share the playlist. This is the default setting for all playlists on youtube.

The Unlisted playlists can only be accessed by those with the link that you have shared. However, the people you share the unlisted playlist with can also share it. It is standard practice to share unlisted playlists with people we trust they’ll not share.

A Private playlist is accessible only to you the owner. You will have to log into your account to view a private playlist. You can share a private playlist by changing the privacy setting of the playlist from private to unlisted or public, depending on your privacy needs.

Make a list and share it easily

We have seen how important playlists are on Youtube and how we can create them, customise with only our favourite music and videos, and share them with our social media followers. 

With the knowledge of the different privacy settings for playlists, we should be confident to share a playlist knowing it is secure.

As we have noticed, there are ways to do it using the native Youtube, but it requires one to have an account to do it than it does with ListenOnRepeat. 

With ListenOnRepeat, you will have access to many tools that you can leverage in creating and populating your Youtube playlist, and you don’t even have to sign into your account. Sure you can have an account with ListenOnRepeat, but that is for more extra features that would blow your mind further.

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