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listen on repeat chrome extension

ListenOnRepeat (LOR) exists with an aim to provide music lovers with free access to unlimited music. Ever since the establishment in 2012, ListenOnRepeat has been globally recognized as a YouTube loop fan community & a #1 site to repeat YouTube videos and discover new music. Besides music, you can now read the exclusive reviews of the most trending songs every week. 

We developed a chrome extension a while back to help LORians with quick access to ListenOnRepeat. The “Listen On Repeat YouTube Looper” chrome extension is the fastest way to visit ListenOnRepeat from anywhere on YouTube and play any song on repeat.

How to Loop YouTube Videos with Listen On Repeat Chrome Extension?

You are watching a music video on YouTube and suddenly you want to play that video again and again without having to hit the replay button again. With the help of ListenOnRepeat Chrome Extension, you can now play any video on an endless loop in a single click & without having to edit the URL.

Step 1: Installing Chrome Extension

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Search For “Listen On Repeat Chrome Extension” & Click on the Extension to visit the Chrome Web Store

how to search for extension

  • Click on “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to the Chrome Browser

adding chrome extension

  • You can now see the ListenOnRepeat icon on the navbar of the browser

Step 2: Using Listen On Repeat Chrome Extension

  • Visit YouTube & play any video
  • Click on ListenOnRepeat  icon on the top of the page

using lor extension

  • The extension will now take you to the ListenOnRepeat website with the same video automatically set on loop

go to lor from youtube

  • You can use the slider to set the start and endpoints of the video to loop.

With the new Listen On Repeat Chrome Extension, looping YouTube videos is just a click away.

Benefits of using Listen On Repeat YouTube Looper

  • Infinite Loop
  • Start/Stop times
  • New Music Discovery
  • New Artist Reviews
  • Global Repeat Counts
  • History of your repeats
  • Hearted songs to easily make a favorites playlist
  • Top 10 LOR songs 
  • Discord Chat
  • Blogs for weekly roundups, how-to guides, technology, music, and more


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