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YouTube is a treasure trove of entertaining content, and playlists make it easy to enjoy multiple videos in succession. However, if you find a playlist that you absolutely love, wouldn’t it be great to put it on repeat and keep the good times rolling? In this article, we will explore various methods to find YouTube playlists on repeat, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content without interruption.

Understanding YouTube Playlists

YouTube music playlists are collections of videos grouped together around a specific theme or subject. Content creators and users alike create playlists to share their favorite videos, music compilations, educational content, and more. Playlists are an excellent way to discover new content and have a seamless viewing experience.

How Looping YouTube Playlists Enhance Productivity

Creating a Playlist that Suits Your Tasks

Tailoring your looping playlist to match the nature of your tasks is crucial for boosting productivity. Energetic tracks are ideal for tasks that require high energy and focus, while soothing sounds are better suited for activities that demand concentration and creativity.

Reducing Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue occurs when the brain becomes overwhelmed by making too many choices. By creating a looping playlist in advance, you eliminate the need to decide what to listen to next, reducing decision fatigue and improving focus.

boosting productivity with looping playlist

Maintaining Focus and Flow

Listening to familiar music through looping playlists can help you maintain a state of flow, where you are fully immersed and highly productive in your work.

Setting a Productive Atmosphere

Looping playlists can create a consistent and productive atmosphere, especially when working in shared spaces or noisy environments.

Looping Playlists On YouTube

Creating a looping playlist on YouTube is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube Account

Ensure that you have an active YouTube account and sign in to access the playlist creation features.

Step 2: Navigate to “Library”

Click on the “Library” tab, which is usually located in the left-hand sidebar of the YouTube homepage.

Step 3: Select “History” and “Watch Later”

In the Library section, you will find options for “History” and “Watch Later.” Click on these options to access your previously viewed videos.

Step 4: Add Videos to the Playlist

Hover over a video you want to add to your looping playlist. Click on the “Add to playlist” option and create a new playlist or select an existing one.

Step 5: Enable Looping

youtube playlists loop

Once you’ve added all the desired videos to your playlist, open the playlist and click on the “Loop” icon, which looks like two arrows forming a circle. This action will enable looping for your playlist.

Utilizing Third-Party Websites

Several third-party websites and tools can help you put YouTube playlists on repeat. Websites like ListenOnRepeat and Infinitelooper offer simple interfaces to repeat any YouTube video or playlist with just a click.

Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can enhance your YouTube experience by enabling repeat functionality. Extensions like “Magic Actions for YouTube” and “Enhancer for YouTube” allow you to loop playlists effortlessly.

The Magic of Auto-Looping

Auto-looping is a clever technique that automatically repeats a YouTube playlist once it reaches the end. This feature is available on some browsers and can be activated through browser settings.

Creating Custom Repeat Playlists

For full control over your repeated playlists, consider creating custom playlists. Organize your favorite videos into a playlist, then set it to auto-loop for endless enjoyment.

Mobile Apps for Repeat Playlists

On-the-go users can utilize mobile apps that provide repeat playlist features. These apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms, enhancing your mobile YouTube experience.

Setting up a Repeat on Smart TVs

Enjoy your favorite YouTube playlists on the big screen by utilizing smart TVs with the YouTube app. Some smart TVs allow you to loop playlists directly from the app.

Social Media Platforms and Repeat Playlists

YouTube playlists can be shared across various social media platforms, allowing users to access and enjoy their favorite content. Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are some platforms where playlists gain popularity.

Tips for Discovering Unique Playlists

unique playlists

Finding unique and exciting playlists can be a fun endeavor. Explore niche communities, follow content creators, and engage with other users to discover hidden gems.

While repeat playlists are convenient and enjoyable, it’s essential to respect copyright laws and the rights of content creators. Always ensure you have permission to use and share the content within your playlists.

Maximizing Your Playlist Experience

Customize your playlist experience by experimenting with different themes, genres, and video arrangements. Tailor your playlists to suit your mood and interests.

Creating an Engaging Playlist Community

If you’re a content creator, fostering a playlist community can lead to greater engagement and a loyal fan base. Encourage your viewers to participate by sharing their favorite videos and contributing to discussions.


In conclusion, YouTube playlists on repeat offer an excellent way to keep the entertainment going without interruption. Whether you’re studying, working, or just unwinding, these methods will enable you to enjoy your favorite content endlessly. Remember to respect content creators’ rights and have fun curating and discovering unique playlists.


Can I play any YouTube videos on repeat?

Yes, you can loop any YouTube video using the loop option on the video player or by using third-party tools.

If you have permission to use the content or the video is in the public domain, there shouldn’t be any legal issues.

Do all browsers support auto-looping?

No, not all browsers support auto-looping. Check your browser’s settings or use an extension if necessary.

Are repeat playlists available on the YouTube mobile app?

The YouTube mobile app does not have a built-in repeat feature, but you can use third-party apps for this purpose.

How can I share my playlists on social media?

You can share your playlists by copying the playlist link and posting it on your social media accounts.

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