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loop Youtube playlist

So, this new single from your favourite artist is out, and you can’t wait to learn every syllable that comes out of her mouth. Then, you hit the replay button all over again and are about to damage that push button. But now you think of solving this greatest problem of your life and plan to do something once and for all. Don’t worry, because, on this blog, we will teach you how to loop youtube playlist and videos?

While there are a couple of ways you can pull some strings and trick YouTube into playing the video over and over, it’s not for everyone. After all, who wants to go through all that hassle to get just one video play on repeat. There are also some sites that promise to get the job done for you, but every link you click to will lead to a clickbait ad. We have all been there, right?

So, that’s why we bring to you a fool-proof website with amazing user experience, that will let you loop youtube playlist and play your desired video for hours on and many more!

ListenonRepeat to the rescue!

ListenOnRepeat is a free music streaming platform that lets you listen to your favourite track on repeat effortlessly!

This simple, musical community was created by like-minded individuals who were tired of having to deal with complexities of playing a song on loop. Over the years, ListenonRepeat has evolved to become a #1 community to discover videos and music. However, the functions are not just limited to that! You can craft your own weekly discovery playlists, create content about your videos, and share your knowledge about your favourite artists in different fan communities.

Whether you’re using it on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile, the website seamlessly integrates with your browser to provide you with an experience without any hiccups. There are so many other perks to it, but we will get on that later. So yeah, Listen on Repeat is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we needed.

How do I play video?

It’s really simple! Go to any video of your choice on YouTube, and replace ‘youtube’ with ‘listenonrepeat’ on the URL. And you’re done! The video will be played over and over until you intervene.

Alternatively, you can just go to the website and type in the video’s name in the search bar. Just like on Youtube, the page will show a lot of results from which you can choose the song. After you find the video you like, click play, and there you go – it will now play in a loop. Easy, right?

Wait! There’s more to it. You can loop just your desired section with the help of a smooth slider that is easy as a breeze. In order to loop youtube playlist, the slider is positioned right below the video and can be easily moved to any point as you like. Remember the guitar solo from that rock song you wish never ended? Now you can listen to it, just the section you want, until the end of the time. You just have to try this youtube loop.y

Here we have listed some more awesome benefits of using the ListenOnRepeat site:

Deeper insights about the content you love

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a little more insight on the song/video you like and see how it is faring among other people? You can check all these stats right on your screen as the video continues to play. The site displays various parameters for the video you’re playing. For instance, there is a popularity meter that shows how famous the song is. There’s also an addiction meter that shows the percentage of addiction among listeners. There’s an age range that shows the age group that is most popular with, and the flag of the country that video is most famous in. You can also easily check the number of times the song has been repeated on ListenOnRepeat!

Several playlists to create and choose from

You can create multiple playlists – as many as you want – for your every mood. These playlists are easy to create, easy to locate, and easy to play. To create a playlist, click on the New Playlist + option that is found on the menu on the right. When you want to add the song to the playlist, press the Add to Playlist button on your chosen video. You can add the song to an existing playlist or choose the option to add it to a brand new one. Now you can curate a playlist for your every website.

Once you signup for a free account with your Google, Facebook, or an e-mail account, you can even save these multiple playlists. You can also connect your account to multiple devices and access your playlists and content specially customized for you on the go, wherever you are!

Awesome and highly tailored recommendations

When you play any video, the site automatically recommends similar artists or videos – increasing your exposure to even more and greater content available on the Internet. For instance, If I play Lucky Man by The Verve, on a small bar below the video, the site will recommend other awesome Brit bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, and Beady Eye. And after I click on any one of them, the site will slide down to a list of the songs or videos by the particular band.

Helps you increase your musical understanding and knowledge

The site analyzes data to ascertain the top 10 trending videos on ListenOnRepeat every day. It also has an option to check out and play popular YouTube live streams. Even better, there are reviews on freshest music from the editorial team, where they explain why the song/video is popular. They also share the backstory and trivia about the particular video, making it all more interesting. You can also join fan communities and chat with other music lovers to share your interest and make awesome friends.

Don’t forget to share the music you’re listening to the video you’re binge-watching on the social sites to connect with other fellow views, as we’re a budding community of like-minded music lovers. On the bottom right corner of the video, you find the options to share it on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter with your very own caption.

These are just a few of many perks that this awesome site hosts. Get on the site yourself and discover for yourself! So, go ahead, and repeat that new single you just can’t stop humming, or watch that watermelon vine that you think is too short. Don’t worry – this addiction is harmless, science says so! We are here to find and streamline more awesome content so you can binge-watch or listen without a single worry in the world!

You can easily loop youtube playlist using ListenOnRepeat and enjoy listening to your favorite music.




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