How to Watch/Stream Ken Burns: Country Music?

How to watch/stream Ken Burns: Country Music?

Discover the history of an outstandingly American art genre: country music. From its profound and twisted origins in ballads, melancholy, and choruses executed in small settings, to its universal admiration, acquire how country music reformed over the series of the 20th century as it ultimately arose to develop America’s music. You will see rare and unusual footage and visual photography besides the interviews based on more than 80 state musicians and artists in the Country Music. The series has a total of eight parts of 16 hours which are directed and produced by Ken Burns. It was produced and written by Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey as executive producer.  

The most-awaited genre (it took about eight-year time to appear!) lastly came to the audience on September 15, 2019, and it was full of personal interviews that you would not want to miss out at any cost. The ultimate genre was presented with an in-depth outlook which was developed by Ken and his film producers. 

Although it is lengthy for the audience, yet they always look for alternatives to watch it. Let it provide you complete guidelines and tips to watch Ken Burn whenever you wish to enjoy it. 

How to Watch/Stream Ken Burns: Country Music Online?

If you are not finding the DVDs, then you can have a look at it while opting for the online streaming of country music doc. You can watch Country Music on, the official station website. Besides you can download the PBS video App which can be downloaded for iOS, Amazon, Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV. The first four episodes were initially broadcasted on all devices form September 15, 2019, and the other four were shown from September 22. 

What is PBS Passport? How it could be beneficial for watching Country music?

You can enjoy Country Music doc on the PBS passport which is accessible to users who pay 60$ a year to PBS for retaining passports. Passport users are permitted to online streaming on PBS which was started from September 15, 2019, when Ken Burns launched it officially. 

Buy audio-visual journey on

Buy audio-visual recordings of Country Music on Here you can watch the video clips from films that will depict the stories behind the iconic songs of country music, and you can also listen to all outstanding songs by audio journey available on PBS official website. 

You can own the Film.

You can own the Film by purchase on PBS and can assist us in providing you with the most iconic genre in all eight parts covered in one Film. It is available on:

  • DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Apple iTunes
  • Amazon Video

 Purchase it on Amazon

You can buy the whole Film on Amazon by paying over 60$ only. You can get a book and an audio track that you would like to add to the purchasing cart. 


The video clips telling stories and some fictions of tribal documentaries are also accessible to a broad audience by watching the videos on YouTube or repeat it on ListenOnRepeat.


Netflix is also offering some free movies to teachers and students to watch during the pandemic. In May, Netflix announced that it would present ten documentaries open to all students. 


Spotify is also offering Ken Burns Country Music playlists that can provide you the Country Music. You can buy at Spotify or can stream the playlists if you have Spotify subscriptions.  

You can find out the all films or documentaries of Ken burns in the Classroom website of ken burns. 

Other media sources

Other media sources like as new Dolly Parton’s America podcast are also keeping documentaries watch as they are going to offer the Ken Burns films. 

Google Play and Movies

The groundwork laid by Ken Burns to help the audience explore the longstanding and indeed developed roots of American tribes and these 16-hour documentaries are available on Google Play and movies. 

The Ken Burns Country Music Playlists

Any seller can be found spreading brand awareness and commitment by telling the key routes to get customer access to material and true brand and its happening in the market. The formal of Tennessee’s tourism department, which is also sponsoring the Film, has developed a KBCM website as the brand website and for tourist’s physical booths with indications of 21 leading destinations for all places described in the Film. The official website of Country Music is PBS with multiple streaming options, as mentioned earlier. You can watch it on the website after getting the passport of 60$.

How Ken Burns is to help teachers and students to watch his country music for learning purposes? 

Ken Burns is helping online learning with a unique and most generous strategy. The famous documentary developer has launched so many movies free on PBS for students to help them learn while staying at home during this pandemic. He has offered all his films free on PBS to encourage distance and online learning of students and teachers due to this pandemic situation we are facing currently. 

The Ken Burns Classroom website for students in this pandemic

 The documentary films will be accessible in Learning media’s Ken Burns in the Classroom on PBS official site until June 30, 2020. The films were released in April 2020 free as an effort to help students continue their online learning. PBS on April 20 released JAZZ, Roosevelts, and college Behind Bars. The Dust Bowl, The War, The Civil War, and the National parks: The Best Ideas of America were released in the month of May by PBS. 

 About 15 Burn documentaries involving baseball and country music are available in the free catalog. All movies are placed in order by era and title of Ken Burns in the Classroom site. Students will be able to discover more things about the historical contexts and events about history in the movies of Ken burns. PBS has included Video Clips, plans, activities, and discussion questions to help students learn the historical events, and they would experience the online streaming instead of the traditional classroom experience. 


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