How to Repeat YouTube Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Repeat YouTube Videos

Have you ever watched a video that you liked so much you just had to play it over and over again? Well, the  good news is, you won’t have to do it manually anymore. You can have it automatically repeat itself  continuously until such time you decide to turn it off. It’s called playing your video on a loop

Looping a video on your laptop or desktop PC is relatively easy. However, doing it on other platforms such as the YouTube app and your mobile devices will require added steps to complete the process. Although it’s  not that complicated, you can get stuck not knowing what to look for on the screen. This guide will show you how to loop your videos on your desktop, smartphones (iPhone/Android), browser extensions, the YouTube app, and the best 3rd party app you can use to play your favorite media for hours on end. 

How to Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos on Desktop? 

The option to loop your video, although not readily advertised, is available on the YouTube website itself. You can directly do it on your browser or PC, and here’s how: 

  1. Use a browser to access and log in to YouTube. 
  2. Choose the video you want to play by clicking on it or using the search bar. If you want to view content  that is restricted to 18-and-over, you may have to sign in or register an account if you don’t have one already. 
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the video, then right-click. 
  4. A simple menu will appear with an option to Loop

Loop YouTube Video from Desktop      5. Left-click on the Loop option, and a check should appear opposite the icon. This                          indicates that your video  is already in loop mode, as it will continue to loop until                        you turn it off.

6. To turn off loop mode, right-click your video once more, then left-click on Loop to                       remove the check.  This will take your video back to single-play mode.

How to Repeat YouTube Videos on iPhone/Android? 

Unfortunately, there is no one-step process for you to loop a video on the YouTube app. Particularly the one  that is installed on your mobile phone. Nevertheless, there are ways you can do it inside of a few steps, as  follows: 

Repeat YouTube Videos on Android 

  1. Tap on the YouTube app icon on your android screen to open it. This app may already be pre-loaded on your phone, but if not, you can always find it on Google Play for download and installation.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube app, and search for your video using the Search bar.
  3. Upon finding your video, start playing it, then tap on the “Save” button on the lower right hand of your  video screen.
  4. A menu of a list of your playlists will appear in the foreground. Tap on “New Playlist.” as this will give  you the option to create a new playlist. Type a name on the space provided.
  5. Tap on your newly created playlist name and click on the big red Play button.
  6. Play the playlist, then open the “Player” to find the loop icon. Tap on it to activate loop mode.

Loop YouTube Videos on Android

7. Your video will start and continue playing on a loop indefinitely.

As you can see in the guide above, looping YouTube videos right on the app is already possible as of 2021.  So, if you are looking to loop a video on the app itself, it is pretty much the same way you would loop it on  both iPhone and Android.

Repeat YouTube Videos on iPhone 

Since the looping feature is not available for both the app and even on the browser of your iPhone, you may  play a video on repeat by creating a playlist with just that video listed on it. 

  1. Tap on your YouTube app on your iPhone and “Sign in.” Enter your username and password to log on to YouTube. 
  2. Use the search bar on your YouTube app to type in your video name and tap enter to search.
  3. After finding your video, tap the “Play” button. 
  4. As your video is playing, tap on the “Save” option in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to save it. 
  5. Go to the “Library” section below the screen and tap on “Watch later.” Inside the “watch later” menu,  your recently saved video will show. Please tap on the Play button, which is the red circle with a triangle on  it. 
  6. Find the “Chevron” icon on the lower right-hand corner of your video screen and tap on it.
  7. On the left side of the menu, you will find your Loop icon that looks like two arrows going around on a  loop. Tap on the icon to activate loop mode. 
  8. Close the options menu by tapping on the upward-facing triangle icon. Your video should play and  continue to repeat until you decide to turn it off. 

How to Use Chrome Extensions to Repeat YouTube Videos (3rd  Party Looping App) 

You can use ListenOnRepeat or (LOR) software as a chrome extension. This is so you may enjoy repeat play  right from your browser with just one click loaded with features. 

How to Download and Install Your ListenOnRepeat Chrome Extension?

  1. Search for the phrase ListenOnRepeat Chrome Extension on Google. The search will lead you to the Chrome Web Store. 

LOR Chrome Extension       2. Click on the “Add to Chrome” prompt to add the LOR extension to your Chrome                         Browser.

Add LOR Chrome Extension to Chrome

  1. After adding, you will now see the ListenOnRepeat icon appear on the navigation bar. 

How to Use LOR?

  1. Log on to YouTube. 
  2. Search and play your favorite video 
  3. Click on the ListenOnRepeat icon on top of your browser. 
  4. The extension will immediately port you over to the ListenOnRepeat website. It will show your video  playing automatically on a loop. 
  5. So easy to use, you can even set up where the loop begins and where it ends. Just use the slider.
  6. With LOR, all it takes is one click, and you are good to go. 

ListenOnRepeat aims to allow music enthusiasts free and unlimited access to music. Created in 2012, LOR  has been known to be the #1 reliable global resource to repeat your YouTube videos and even find you new  music. Today, you can even get to read exclusive reviews of great trending songs every week. 

The LOR chrome extension is currently the fastest way you can enjoy any song on YouTube on repeat. Other Benefits and Features of Using LOR as Your 3rd Party Looping App 

  • Unlimited Looping 
  • Start and Stop Times 
  • Reviews on New Artists 
  • Finding New Music 
  • The Ability to Check the History of Your Repeats 
  • Has Global Repeat Counts 
  • Top 10 LOR music 
  • Features Hearted Songs to Make Playlists Easily 
  • Chat is available on Discord 
  • Weekly Roundups, Blogs, Guides, Podcasts, Technology forums, and many more. 

Final Thoughts 

In case you are wondering, what is the hippest music streaming software nowadays? There are various applications like YouTube Music, Spotify or Apple Music that people love. YT Music is ahead in terms of being able to play officially released music and stream them as well. It is so versatile that it can also play music videos and everything else labeled as  the music inside the YT Music app. On the other hand, Spotify was the first one that offered looping as a feature. It was way ahead of YT music who just recently allowed it on its mobile app. Apple Music offers wide range features like automatic downloads and playlists for Apple users.

Whatever your music tastes are, these platforms can serve well for looping and other features that can enhance your listening experience. 

It used to be that YouTube did not feature looping capabilities directly to its mobile apps since they couldn’t make any money on songs looped without ads. Apparently, they have changed their policy and allowed songs to loop nowadays. You can do this straight from the menu of your YouTube app on your mobile device. Still, using a 3rd party app may prove to be the easiest way you can enjoy your favorite videos over and over again. 

Choose the method you are most comfortable with. At the end of the day, it’s your repeat that matters. Enjoy!

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