How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

hand sanitizer at home

Have we ever thought we will take hygiene seriously? Of course not. Since ancient times, we are advised to clean hands before entering the home from outside. But most of us tend to ignore this and life went by. However, with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, people are compelled to follow safety protocols to break the chain. 

After all, health is wealth. No matter how much wealth you have, you always need a stable mind and a healthy body to keep doing your work. Now, the two things people are now focusing upon are face masks and sanitizer. Once the shelter in place was announced by the government, the demand for sanitizers went all-time highs. 

There seems a shortage of sanitizer and those available were sold at an exorbitant price. Now, the question is, can common people or the working mid-class buy those? The answer is, it will be a little challenging for them to decide. 

The next question remaining, is there an alternative option? Yes, there is one. We can learn how to make hand sanitizer at home. This seems quite relevant in today’s scenario. Let us explore how we can make one.

How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home?

Washing hands with soap can kill germs because of certain chemicals used in the soap. However, it is not feasible to carry water and soap if you tend to move out for work. In circumstances like this, hand sanitizer comes handy. According to reports and recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), alcohol-based sanitizers are the best when it comes to maintaining hygiene.

However, the catch is it is quite difficult for measuring alcohol composition in homemade sanitizers. But as the saying goes,” It is better to have something rather than having nothing.” In this article, you are going to learn how to make a hand sanitizer at home.

Attention To Ingredients

Careful attention needs to be followed when it comes to maintaining the key ratio and composition of hand sanitizer ingredients. Without proper ingredients, you may end up having a product that might not be useful. 

What You Shall Need?

  • Pure aloe vera gel or glycerin whichever is available at home.
  • 2 parts of rubbing alcohol with a concentration of 90% in the concentrated solution.
  • An optional ingredient like essential oil( lavender or lemon ) to add a tinge of fragrance to your solution.
  • Airtight containers for storage.
  • Make use of a spoon just to mix the solution properly.

Steps To Be Followed

  • Make sure you combine glycerin/aloe vera gel with the rubbing alcohol in a clean container. Approximately for getting one cup of sanitizer, you need to combine 1/3 cup of glycerin/gel with at least 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly or whisk so as to ensure that the alcohol is distributed with the gel.
  • Drop-in five drops of essential oil of your choice. This step is optional and is only relevant to enhance the smell of the sanitizer.
  • Make use of an airtight container to store your sanitizer you just created. Evaporation may take place, so it is better to place your solution in an airtight container to minimize evaporation.

How To Effectively Use Your Homemade Sanitizer?

For homemade sanitizer to work properly, you need to keep the entire solution in the airtight container. The best thing is to go for a pump container so that you can take a plump without spilling it all over. For effective use of hand sanitizer, cover the surface and rub your hands with that small tinge on your palm. Continue rubbing it for 15 seconds until they are dry. 

Some Coronavirus Tips

Whether you have hand sanitizer or not certain guidelines from WHO( World Health Organisation) can surely help you fight this deadly virus.

Wash your hands regularly 

Nothing seems more important than cleaning your hands at regular intervals. Try to wash your hands at repetitive motions for 20 seconds with water and soap.

Stay at home, the best medicine

Nothing is more important than staying at home at this hour of distress. You are safer inside your home rather than traveling outside. Don’t step out until and unless it is essential. Do some inhouse activities, listen to music, or read Stuffshuf. This will help in breaking the chain for the further outbreak of the virus.

Maintain social distance

Keep a distance of at least 6 feet away from other people with face masks and hand gloves. As the virus tends to spread through droplets, it is advisable not to be close with other people and remain at a distance from others.

Now you can surely guide others about how to make hand sanitizer at home after going through this exhaustive blog. It is always important to search for alternatives at a time of distress. Make sure you have these basic ingredients of creating your own sanitizer which will be less expensive yet effective. 

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