Somebody Will

“Somebody Better” starts off by describing a relationship: “I don’t leave a toothbrush and you never let me drive your truck/ Your friends know everything but I bet your mom don’t know a thing about us/ You tell me that I look good in your sweatshirt/ And you like who you are when we’re together/ Been looking for someone like me, say I make you better/ Oh yeah.” It doesn’t paint a great picture, more a usership arrangement rather than a partnership.

In response Christina Taylor suggests, during the chorus, that “it is a big old world” and if this particular person doesn’t love and respect her as much as she needs then “somebody will.” She is responding to attempts by the guy to hide the relationship aspect of their arrangement – he won’t kiss her in public places and doesn’t act like her boyfriend unless he needs something. This song seems to be Taylor’s way of putting her foot down.

The contemporary country track has been making its way up the iTunes downloads charts for new singles and has made it into the top 10, despite the artist having only 2K subscribers on Youtube. In any case, it will act as a good springboard for a young artist who has clearly been generating buzz on social media for this project and mobilising her fan base to push her into the chart spaces occupied by the biggest musicians on the planet.

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