[MV] LUNA(루나) _ Madonna

It is easy to forget that not every release in the K-pop world is going to get tens of millions of views in the first few days of release. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a bad artist, just that it is tough to redirect eyeballs that are already captivated by so many others. “Madonna” is one of the tracks that has gone under the radar somewhat. With only 300,000 views in three days it would be considered a success in pretty much any other genre, but there we go.
Another aspect of the song that goes against the grain is its 80s/90s style and the ballad singing technique, which is normally replaced by rap and pop in most releases. However, the piece is much more adventurous than most tracks that LUNA’s peers are releasing and you get the sense that she could build up a cult following before really breaking into the mainstream and challenging the very biggest artists for the top spots.
Fans have been leaving messages of support in the comments sections: “Okay not a even a fan of hers but Sis.. This song is a masterpiece, Sonically Perfect. The lyrics, The instrumentals, The vocals, and the choreography. Wow !! Just wow !!” … “LUNA IS SUCH AN INSANE ARTIST seriously she’s crazy not only she excels in every aspect from singing dancing and everything but her artistry is so captivating i am so happy that she’s back.” LUNA is an artist who pushes the boat out rather than following established trends and that is something to be admired. 
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