Top 10 Most Repeated Songs of 2021

Top 10 Most Repeated Songs of 2021

A good song isn’t just one that’s catchy and fun to sing along to. A song has to be universal, relatable and reliable. It has to be something that can be shared with the world and still hold up a decade or two later. When we look at the most repeated songs of the year, we’re not just looking at the song that’s popular at the moment, but what songs resonate with the masses and are more likely to be listened to in 2022.

From the “K/DA – More” theme to the “Binding Lights” soundtrack to Twice’s “I Can’t Stop Me” to Lisa’s “Lalisa”, there’s only one thing that repeated in 2021: The ListenOnRepeat. In this article, we list out the most popular songs of 2021 that were also more repeated and voted by LORians. Read on!

Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

Repeats: 200K

 I Can’t Stop Me was one of the greatest releases in 2020 by Korean pop group Twice. Twice gained international popularity with their track “I Can’t Stop Me” reaching #1 on the domestic charts and US Billboard World Albums within a few weeks of its release. With another release “Alcohol Free” in 2021, Twice was nothing but ruling the music industry with views counting over their heads. I can’t Stop Me has been repeated over 200 thousand times on ListenOnRepeat. 

Listen to Twice – I can’t Stop Me

K/DA – More

Repeats: 100K

Virtual KPop Group K/DA’s recent single “The Baddest” was a huge hit with over 30 million views on YouTube and over 172K repeats on ListenOnRepeat. Now they are back with “More” starring Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns and LoL champion and musician Seraphine. Lexie Liu is a rising Chinese star who just joined K/DA for Riot’s new single ahead of the League of Legends World Championship finals. K/DA’s EP All Out has been released and features 5 tracks including The Baddest, I’ll Show You, More, Villains and Drum Go Drum.

Listen to K/DA – More

Girl’s Generation – 소녀시대 Holiday

Repeats: 80K

Girl’s Generation is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. They are one of the most successful girl groups in South Korea, and are known for their powerful vocals and choreography. 소녀시대 is a song that won heart of millions with powerful vocals, lyrics and MV making it one of the best tracks they ever released. 소녀시대 by Girl’s Generation was repeated over 60 thousand times on ListenOnRepeat.

Listen to Girl’s Generation – 소녀시대

Twice – Alcohol Free

Repeats: 80K

We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while now, and it was worth the wait. Twice is not just a popular girl group in Korea but worldwide and they proved it once again with Alcohol-Free. After the massive success of “I Can’t Stop Me” the previous year, Twice rocked the K-Pop scene with a new MV for “Alcohol Free”. The band once again maintained a strong presence on YouTube, social media, and ListenOnRepeat by their bright, upbeat music and dance. 

Listen to Twice – Alcohol Free

YOASOBI -「怪物 Monster

Repeats: 78K

In the past, monster-themed songs have been… well… monster-themed. But not anymore! Much like the numerous TV series, films and video games that have picked up on this trend, YOASOBI -「怪物 Monster 」is a pop song that tells the story of a girl who has to fight a monster. Released in January, 2021, the song has over 170 million views on YouTube and 80K repeats on ListenOnRepeat.

The Weeknd – Binding Lights 

Repeats: 50K

The Weeknd fans have been obsessed with The Weeknd’s “Starboy” until “Binding Lights” came out. Well, we don’t blame them. As a rule, the Weeknd is typically known for his dark, sometimes even harrowing, universe, so this video was a surprise. Binding Lights is another installment to fourth studio album After Hours and one of those songs that’s a little creepy, cold yet you can’t take your ears off it. The lyrics, chorus and Weeknd’s touch can never go wrong. The song has over 300k repeats on ListenOnRepeat and is one of the most repeated songs of 2021.

Listen to YOASOBI -「怪物 Monster

The Fray – How to Save a Life

Repeats: 40K

On a recent Friday night, a stressed-out taxi driver casually leaned into his car window while waiting for a fare. 

“Hey, have you ever heard of the Fray?” 

“The Fray?” 

“The Fray. You know, that band? The Fray.” 

“Yeah, of course.” “How to Save a Life is my favorite song. 

The Fray band is known for many releases but “How to Save a Life” is not just another song. It’s an emotion, something that heals a broken heart and fills in loneliness. Released in 2005, the song is still loved by millions and will be remembered forever. Listen below!

Listen to The Fray – How to Save A Life

Mac Mafia – Chill Lang

Repeats: 30K

If you’re already a Mac Mafia fan, you’re probably familiar with the group’s songs, but in case you aren’t, Mac Mafia is an R&B group that has been together for the past decade. They’ve released a few albums and numerous mixtapes, and among the many hit singles are the ones that have got caught in the collective consciousness of Mac Mafia fans. Released in 2019, Chill Lang is one of the best works from Mac Mafia. 

Listen to Mac Mafia – Chill Lang

Terry Zhong – Play it Cool

Repeats: 30K

Remember when sometimes you are listening to a song and get a feeling, God, I love this song? Play it Cool by Terry Zhong is one of his many masterpieces featuring Conro’s vocals that will never disappoint you. According to the fans, Conro steals the song with his vocals regardless of Terry’s performance. Play It Cool is an awesome song that will make you jump on the train and dance. 

Listen to Terry Zhong – Play it Cool

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