Stay Creative: Learn to Play an Instrument During Lockdown

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This lockdown has affected a lot of lives. It suddenly placed people in a situation that is completely different from what they normally have. But you do not have to be anxious while you are on lockdown. There are a lot of things that you can do at home. You can still be creative even when you are forced to stay indoors. The best way for you to kill the boredom and make yourself productive is to learn to play a musical instrument.

 To start with, here are the instruments that you can easily learn to play: 

Easiest Instruments to Learn

  • Piano

Playing the piano, according to some, is like a workout. It has different advantages that include physical and physiological gains. Playing the piano involves a proper technique that will let you push the right key. When you choose this instrument, you will learn everything from knowing how to sit well and how to drop your fingers properly into the keyboard. 

  • Guitar

The guitar is also one of the most played musical instruments. If you want to learn to play it, you have to learn the basic chords. Just like the piano, the guitar also requires your knowledge on how to use your fingers to press and strum the strings. 

  • Harmonica

The harmonica is also called the French harm and it is something that you can play by blowing. It is also one of the most known wind instruments that can help you play different music from a lot of genres. 

  • Ukulele

A Ukulele has four nylon strings and is also played like the guitar. It is very easy to learn to play this due to its size and the simplicity of its chords.


Steps to Play an Instrument during Lockdown

 If you are bored or you want to work on something during the lockdown, music lessons are perfect for you. Here are the simple steps you can take for you to be able to learn how to play a musical instrument this lockdown: 

  • Choose What You Want to Play

The most important part of learning music is for you to ensure that you enjoy what you are doing. This is why you have to choose the musical instrument that you want to play. What is it that gets your interest? By knowing this, you will be able to go through the learning process without getting bored. 

  • Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

You have to put in mind that this is not an overnight thing. You cannot learn to play music in just a short period of time. With this, you have to set goals that are achievable. Be realistic with your expectations. Do not push yourself into learning everything overnight because it is not possible. Learn one step at a time and enjoy the process. 

  • Study

After choosing the instrument and setting goals, you can now start studying. Taking music lessons requires you to learn basic music theory. From there, you will be able to know the foundation of playing musical instruments. You can start with this before you can practice what you have learned. 

  • Join Online Courses

There are different online courses offered by legitimate teachers online. All you need to do is to determine your needs before enrolling. It is also very important to check reviews about the best online course offered.


Mental Benefits of Playing an Instrument

 Did you know that when you take music lessons, you are also enjoying major benefits from it? Here are some of the mental benefits of playing an instrument: 

  • Improves Your Cognitive Ability

There is a special process that takes place when you are playing an instrument. You are not only using your hand but also your brain. As you read notes and play it with your fingers, you are enhancing your cognitive ability. Your mind exercising and this process is beneficial because it can help you enhance your ability to memorize and recognize. 

  • Relief for Stress and Anxiety

Now that people are forced to embrace the new normal, we also have to embrace the reality of stress and anxiety. But you do not have to dwell on the negativities. You can start playing your favorite instrument and you will surely feel good. Music has its way to relax the senses. Merely listening to it is beneficial to your mental health. With this, you can expect better benefits if you are going to consider playing a musical instrument. 

  • Refine Your Mind by Doing What You Love

Everyone loves music. If you are one of those people whose passion is to play an instrument, this lockdown is a great chance and you can open your own music studio at home. Instead of spending your time feeling bored, go get your guitar or any musical instrument you want to play. This is a perfect chance for you to do something that can refine your mind. 

  • It Boosts Your Self-esteem

One of the most important benefits that you can get when you play musical instruments is confidence. Many people who are shy and anxious about being in front of many people have conquered their fear by playing an instrument. When you develop this skill, you also give yourself a sense of identity. With this, it is easier for you to present yourself in front of people.




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