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Happens to the best of us—simply can’t stop listening to that one song, and wondering why you didn’t discover the song sooner? Or maybe, the new hit by your favorite band is out, and you need to memorize it word by word? You’re in no mood to listen to any other song but that one particular ‘masterpiece’, but YouTube automatically plays the next suggested song—interrupting your momentum. You will again have to hit the ‘back’ option to play it, but the feel is lost, isn’t it? So, listenonRepeat is your best choice.

Although there are a couple of things you can do on YouTube to play a song repeatedly, it is too much of a hassle. On the other hand, if you google, there are too many websites with fishy-looking links and hyperlinks that promise to play that ‘one’ song on repeat but won’t. Frustrating, right?

Now, that’s where ListenOnRepeat (LOR) comes to the play – the number one website to listen to songs on loop without having to worry about clicking on clickbait links and be bombarded with pop-ups of young, beautiful females in your area interested in you.

ListenOnRepeat started as a simple, service-forward website, but has quickly evolved to become a community of avid music fans. For starters, it is a free music streaming website that was founded with one ethos: “You should only have to hit play once”. It is a simple, fool-proof website that promises and delivers seamless user experience, which will empower you to play the video of your choice for ceaseless hours without interruption. But there is much more it offers than just playing videos on loop. In this blog, we will explore the many awesome features of ListenOnRepat so that you can utilize them fully during your next visit!

Easy to use and play

Playing the video on a loop is as easy as it comes. First of all, head to YouTube and play the video or song of your choice. Then, replace ‘youtube’ with ‘listenonrepeat’ on the URL. That’s all, really! You will be automatically transferred to the listenonrepeat website, where the song will continue to play on repeat.

Also, you can directly visit the listenonrepeat.com website, where you will be met by a YouTube-like play screen and a search bar. Type in the name of the video and a lot of suggestions will be generated in a matter of a few seconds. From there, choose the video you were looking for. Now it will be played on a loop continuously until you intervene.

Slider for customization

I could listen to the solo at the end of Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy song for hours on end – just the solo. I’m sure you too have bits and parts in songs that you wish were a little longer or continue forever. Now that’s where the slider comes into play. The slider, positioned right below the play screen, glides on smoothly and as easy as a breeze. The slider has two points – at front and end – which can be glided to be stopped at any given parts of the video.

For example, you can put the first point at 1:45 seconds of the song and the second point at 2:20 seconds. Now, the song will start at 1:45 and end at 2:20, before it starts again to be played on loop exactly like that.

Recommendations in real-time

Right below the slider, you will see real-time recommendations made based on the video being played above. For example, if I play Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, names of its band members, like Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, will be displayed in square boxes below the slider. Now if I click on any of them, let’s take Stevie Nicks, for example, the website will take me to the lower section of the website where it will exclusively display content related to Stevie Nicks – all while playing the original song. This feature isn’t just limited to band members – similar bands and genres are also recommended. Once again, if you’re not listening to the music necessarily and watching a video instead, channels with similar content will be recommended.

Extra insight about the content you love

It is nice to research a song or a video while you are watching it – we often tend to do that. That is why ListenOnRepeat gives you that facility on the very page you’re watching. Just below the real-time suggestions, you can see little chart meters that offer some insight on how the song is fairing among other people. There are various popularities, such as popularity chart, addiction chart, age range chart, and even a gender chart. For example, the popularity chart will show you whether the song is ‘average’, ‘popular’, or ‘very popular’ among many other options. Similarly, the age ranger meter will show whether the video is popular among the ‘mature’ group or ‘young’, depending on the particular video. The flag of the country the video is most popular in is also displayed alongside. Now, who wouldn’t love some tidbits and some insights on the video they are so obsessed with that they play it on loop?

The team behind the ListenOnRepeat team has a dedicated editorial team that picks and curates the freshest music reviews and viral videos or songs. You can choose reviews from the general ‘All’ section or even the exclusive ‘Staff Picks’ section if you want extra curated reviews.  Often updated regularly, the Reviews section indeed has a ton of reviews if you have extra time in your hand and would love to do some exploring. Once you click on one of the reviews, the song or video will be played, and you can read the review just below it. The in-depth review will give out in-depth information on the backstory behind the song, the themes used in the song, the interpretation of the lyrics, and the symphony of the music among other things. After reading the review, you are bound to be thoroughly impressed by the artist, as you discover the information you wouldn’t have otherwise. The reviews give a whole new dimension to the video or the song. And if you are interested in researching the artist on his/her social media, the links to their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are also posted. How cool is that?

Playlists on the go

Well, the primary objective of the site is to help you listen to that one song non-stop, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create playlists and organize your playlists to suit your every mood. You can create several playlists – as many as you would like to – for every occasion. The process to create the playlists is painstakingly easy (pun intended!). To create one, click on the New Playlist+ option on the sidebar. After you have played the video you want to add to the playlist, click on the Add to Playlist option that can be found just below the video. You can choose to add the song to any of the existing playlists or choose the option to add it to an entirely new playlist. Once you have created playlists, you can access them by clicking on the Your Music option and selecting the playlist to suit your mood anytime.

After you sign up for a free account with your Facebook, Google, or an e-mail account, you can save these playlists forever. You can access them easily even if you connect your account to multiple devices. Now whether you’re at the gym, at the beach, or work, you can access your playlists on the go.

 Weekly discovery streams

Every Monday, the website creates an exclusive discovery stream based on your music taste. But for that, you need to sign up with a free account first and listen to songs on the website regularly, that’s all. After that, every Monday, you can look forward to having a specifically tailored playlist created by the team at MusicOnRepeat. Is there a better feeling than coming to work on a Monday morning to a personalized playlist? That way, you don’t have to waste your time choosing the songs and can play them instantly as you start your work. Often, this discovery stream playlist will feature songs that you will love or songs that you once loved but forgot about it. Either way, you will absolutely love it.

Know your repeat count

Just below the video or song, you can see two logos, which if you hover over will show the global repeat count and your repeat count. In addition to the repeat count, the website will also display the time length to be more precise. Some more insight on the song or the video you love. Who doesn’t love it?

Connect on social media 

Like we mentioned above, ListenOnRepeat is not just a website, it has grown to become a music community. Just like on YouTube, the option to share the video on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is easily available on this site too. You can effortlessly share the video you are binge-watching or the music you can’t stop listening to on the social media sites to connect and communicate with other fellow viewers. You can also join ListenOnRepeat forums on various social media sites too. Moreover, you can also join the ListenOnRepeat community on the Discord chat app to grow your connection with like-minded listeners and even make potential friends.

On the website, you can browse ListenOnRepeat’s twitter and listen to the song at the same time. On the right side of the website, there’s a special section for twitter so that you can update yourself with the latest tweets by LOR. If the particular artist being played also has an official twitter account, you can even click on the option to look at the artist’s twitter instead of LOR’s.

Live streams

The list of special features just goes on and on. One such feature is Live Streams, which can be accessed through the sidebar on the right side of the screen. Once you click on it, various cool live streams that are currently being played on YouTube will appear on your screen. After you select one of the songs, it will start playing right away. Once again, the charts displaying parameters like popularity will be shown to give you a deeper understanding of the video or song. Alongside, videos or songs that are similar in taste to the one that is being played will also be displayed. That way, you even get access to information on live streams ever so easily.

Track your history

Often it happens that you forget the songs that you were listening to sometimes ago. For such contingencies, there is a History option on the sidebar, from where you can access songs or videos you were listening to previously. That way, you can often revisit the songs and go down the memory lane to pick one of the songs to listen to once again. There is even an option to sort the history in two ways: Last Played and Repeat Count. So, in a way, the history option even acts as an impromptu substitute for playlists, if you don’t want to create too many playlists or just want to listen to songs you recently listened to.

Fresh ten picks everyday

ListenOnRepeat also offers a list of 10 videos trending on the website every day. That means, every day, you will receive fresh, new content that is trending on the internet right now. It doesn’t only mean that there’s a readymade playlist to explore, but it will also help you update yourself regarding what’s trending or viral in the video world these days. For example, you will stumble upon the songs that are topping the charts lately or the vine video is taking the world by storm.

These may seem like many, but the aforementioned features are just a handful of several perks that this site hosts. Even science says that listening to one particular song on repeat will increase focus and creativity while listening to different songs will impair your concentration skill. So, head over to ListenOnRepeat’s platform and play that song you can’t stop humming under breath on loop. Play it as much as you want because even science approves of it!

Visit the official site here.

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