ListenOnRepeat as an Alternative to Looper for YouTube

ListenOnRepeat Vs Looper for YouTube

YouTube is an essential part of the modern internet. The platform has been around since 2005, and since then it has been growing in popularity and changing the way people watch and find content. From being able to watch how-to videos to being able to create your own videos and share them with the world, YouTube has become the place where people congregate.  A growing number of users find YouTube as a primary source of music. However, due to various limitations people seek for alternatives that can fulfill their needs of looping & repeating music videos with more control. 


Thankfully, there are now dedicated apps & browser extensions for looping YouTube videos, particularly ListenOnRepeat YouTube Looper & Looper for YouTube. Although both are good, differences in features and other things make one better than the other. Accordingly, this article will compare the most important features of each app and explain why ListenOnRepeat has the upper hand.

ListenOnRepeat Vs Looper for YouTube: Features 

ListenOnRepeat is the best alternative and is far superior to Looper for YouTube. As such, it is a well-designed YouTube Looper with features that are nowhere else to be found. From loop range to creating & sharing playlists, ListenOnRepeat wins in every aspect of meeting user requirements.  In the interface, the trending top 10, exclusive reviews, and music history makes ListenOnRepeat much more sophisticated to use and enjoy music videos without any downtime. 

In addition, with ListenOnRepeat you get access to millions of Podcasts and Radio channels from across the world. You can listen to your favorite Podcasters and radio channels from your location and enjoy good music on the side. With ListenOnRepeat, you will never feel bored again.

ListenOnRepeat is developed and regularly maintained by an established company. Accordingly, there’s no need to worry about sudden app update cutoffs or incompatibility with your device as it supports all smartphones and laptops. Aside from that, it doesn’t hog the memory (RAM) and nothing will interrupt your from listening to good music.


In recent reviews, the chrome extension Looper for YouTube has been blocked by Youtube as it doesn’t add any value to Youtube.  While on the other hand, Listenonrepeat has more than one song, playlists, start/stop, podcasts, radio, and much more to offer to music lovers.. Luckily, it’s easy to switch to the Listenonrepeat Chrome extension for free.  The process is as follows:

Note: Alternatively, you can also directly visit and play your favorite music videos by searching in the search bar.

ListenOnRepeat and Looper for YouTube are both good YouTube looper apps. However, considering the feature comparisons, stability, and development state of the two, it’s clear that ListenOnRepeat is the superior option. Besides, Looper for YouTube has stopped functioning and playing videos on repeat. ListenOnRepeat is the first and only YouTube looper that protects your data and provides a secure environment for you to stay online and loop YouTube videos. Try ListenOnRepeat for free today!

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