ListenOnRepeat Top 10 Most Repeated Songs of January 2021

Most Repeated Songs of January 2021

Cardi B announced her new single “UP” to drop on 5th February via her Twitter. Her last single was “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion in August 2020 that set a record for the biggest debut streaming and topped Billboard hot 100. This is Cardi’s second song in six months and is expected to break many records. She tweeted “I got an announcement to make tomorrow” on Sunday and we got the good news coming this Friday.

Stay tuned for the release! Meanwhile, check out the most repeated songs of January 2021 on ListenOnRepeat.


twice i can't stop meThe brand-new music video from TWICE, called “I Can’t Stop Me” already hit 10 million views on YouTube within the first 12 hours of its release. It is impossible to overstate the size of TWICE’s fanbase. It extends all over the world and, especially amongst kids; they are the group that commands attention, perhaps even more so than titans like BTS and Blackpink. Whatever the numbers, they are in the conversation, and that is special considering the success of K-pop as an expert all around the world. From Seoul to California, kids in playgrounds are more likely to speak about these groups than almost anything else. 

With this release, they have also embraced a particular trend within K-pop, and more widely: synthpop, following other groups like EVERGLOW. It is the sound of the moment and takes the genre into still more experimental areas. There is a turbo-charged verse and a big moment chorus, which is a welcome return to the climax-lead tracks that K-pop made its name on.
All that is left to talk about is the visuals, and there is no disappointment there (unsurprisingly). Color, fast dancing, impeccable outfits, a whole lotta attitude … It is original, quirky, and big. Everything we’d expect from a release of this magnitude. Get used to the sound if you aren’t already, this is the most-loved soundscape in the world right now, and it is here to stay.

Watch Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

K/DA – More (30K)

KDA - MoreVirtual K-Pop Group K/DA’s recent single “The Baddest” was a super hit with over 30 million views on YouTube and over 160K repeats on ListenOnRepeat. Now they are back with “More” featuring Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, and LoL champion and song producer, Seraphine. Lexie Liu is a Chinese rising star, who just joined K/DA for Riot’s new single ahead of the League of Legends World Championship Finals. K/DA’s EP All Out has released and features five tracks including The Baddest, I’ll Show You, More, Villains, and Drum Go Drum.

A few weeks back, Riot announced Seraphine’s entry in K/DA where she received positive support from fans while some said her design was quite similar to another LoL champion, Sona. However, that doesn’t change Riot’s mindset and they well defended their new champion as Seraphine makes her first virtual debut on “More”.

Watch K/DA – More

Yoasobi – Racing Into The Night (28K)

Yoasobi - Racing Into The NightReleased on December 25, 2019 “Yoru ni Kakeru” (Japanese: 夜に駆ける, lit. Racing into the Night) is the first song released by Japanese music duo Yoasobi. The biggest J-pop hit paces a short story of death with an animated music video. Soon Yoasobi broke the top charts and was a matter of sensation nationwide on TV shows and music concerts. Racing Into The Night delivers upbeat vibes with lyrics about lovers killing themselves. Somewhere it feels like a supernatural fiction story and is a kind of source of inspiration as well.

The song is based on “Temptation of Thanatos”, a short story by Mayo Hoshino which was released online in the summer of 2019. The story begins with an alone man living in an apartment working at a labor company. He gets a message from his female that she is going to kill herself. When he rushes to her home, he sees she is on the top of a building ready to jump. He stops her and explains this is the fourth time she has tried to kill herself. The MV “Racing Into The Night” implies this story has beautifully written lyrics and the amazing voice of Yoasobi.

Watch – YOASOBI – Racing Into The Night

Jennie – Solo M/V (20K)

Jennie - Solo

Jennie, K-pop star and member of the girl group BlackPink, made a new Korean music record with her debut single Solo. If you remember hearing Blackpink’s Jennie voice back in 2013, who would have thought her vocals were to self-insure for Solo. The single is produced by the tried-and-true Teddy and opens up with plenty of sound and music in 3 minutes. Although the music video succeeds to deliver its charisma and glare, fans are not much impressed with the sudden beat drop hook in the chorus part. 

Watch Jennie – Solo M/V

Laura Marling – What He Wrote (16K)

Laura Marling - What He Wrote

The track “What He Wrote” by Laura Marling taken from the album “I Speak Because I Can” was inspired by letters from a wife to her husband in the Second World War. The single was released in 2010 and one will admit how she sang the song with a grieving heart. With her heart-stopping quietness and her dropping voice in “What He Wrote”, Marling delivers her story with a musical accompaniment.  The song was one of her debuts and her impressive performance was appreciated by the audience mostly because of her calm nature.

Watch Laura Marling – What He Wrote

Dance With You – Skusta Clee ft. Yuri Dope (15K)

Dance With You – Skusta Clee ft Yuri Dope“Dance With You” by Skusta Clee, a collaboration with Yuri Dope is a love-themed song that develops a romantic mood swing. The vocalist addresses a love interest in a party-like and social setting where he invites his partner for a romantic dance. The ultimate meaning of dedicating a song is with the purpose to get to spend an evening with her. In the song, Skusta Clee has indirectly invited her to dance just to tell her that he wants to embark on an intimate relationship with her. “Dance With You” is a pure love song that fills the environment with romance towards their partner. 

Watch Dance With You – Skusta Clee ft Yuri Dope

Dua Lipa – Physical (14K)

Dua Lipa - Physical“Physical” by Dua Lipa has all the hallmarks of a 90’s euro club track. There is a pounding electronic bass, slightly muted lyrics, warbling synths, and a chorus that needs to be half-shouted to do justice to. Its official video drips with Haute fashion, with every shot seemingly pulled from a double-page spread in a magazine. This is where Dua Lipa excels – when it comes to the visuals – and her fans are getting exactly what they’d hoped for with this one.

Whether Dua Lipa’s “Physical” is a particularly memorable track is another question. In the past, Dua Lipa has been accused of putting out slightly repetitive music – those same criticisms will be leveled at this song as well. While there is a lot of styles, there doesn’t seem to be much character. Whatever the case, she is an artist on the rise and we can expect Future Nostalgia to break records. The long-term cultural importance of the release matters less than how much of a splash it makes now. Enjoy the electronic pop by Dua Lipa!

Watch Dua Lipa – Physical 

廻廻奇譚 – Eve MV (12K)


Eve released a collaboration MV for the theme song “Kaikai Kitan” of TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”. The music video is fused with special graphics and high-quality animation. The song is available in original and anime versions where the anime version is based on the original. Jujutsu Kaisen, written by Gege Akutami exceeded the circulation of over 10 million copies in the series. The curse, the defense, and the offense of the witch doctor are pictured with high-quality images. The video is amazing and equally terrifying that interests people with unusual tastes in anime. The video is produced by MAPPA and the original sense of the music is drawn well over the graphics.

Watch 廻廻奇譚 – Eve MV

Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix) (11K)

Rusko Everyday RemixDrum & Bass remix of a Dubstep song, with a Drum step piece at the end. If you’re a fan of either genre, give Netsky VIP Remix a try. The original version of “Everyday” by British electronic dubstep Christoper William Mercer a.k.a Rusko was released in 2011 and tons of remixes of the song have been made since then. Netsky’s killer remix of Rusko’s Everyday takes the song to a whole new level and creates a musically powerful environment with drums, bass, and electronic dubstep.

Watch Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)

Mac Mafia – Chill Lang (10K)

Mac Mafia - Chill LangListen to Mac Mafia’s latest release “Chill Lang”, a song with a heavy dose of atmosphere and remix of instruments and perfectly balanced pitch. Released in 2019 under A Scott Wilson Divinagracia Original Composition, the song talks about chilling at home doing nothing. However, one can’t stop imagining a bar, everyone knocked out, and the bartender mixing drinks on the counter. Smooth guitar beat in a Khalid style builds up a mood to just chill and lang.

Watch Mac Mafia – Chill Lang

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