ListenOnRepeat Top 10 Most Repeated Songs of February 2021

LOR Top 10 Most Repeated Songs of February 2021

Blackpink Rose’s has released her solo album ‘R’, along with a new music video for her lead song “On The Ground”. Previously Blackpink Jennie’s single ‘Solo’ turned out a great hit and now Rose has debuted her new album. The song already has 10 plus million views within the 24 hours of its release on YouTube. Check out the song here.

Meanwhile, below are the most repeated songs of February 2021 on ListenOnRepeat.

10. Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (8K Repeats)


Danish Band, Blue Foundation gained major recognition with their release “Eyes on Fire” which reached number 3 on iTunes EM chart ranking in 2007. Tobias Wilner and his music partner Bo Rande proved Music is not always about catchy lyrics and good sound. Blue Foundation made a huge leap in the music industry with “Eyes on Fire” from their 4th album “Life of a Ghost” which was also used on the vampire trilogy “The Twilight” and “Miami Vice” over the years. The song has been featured on many TV series including “The Vampire Diaries” and “CSI: Miami” over the years.

Watch Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

9. Laura Marling – What He Wrote (8K Repeats)


The track “What He Wrote” by Laura Marling taken from the album “I Speak Because I Can” was inspired by letters from a wife to her husband in the Second World War. The single was released in 2010 and one will admit how she sang the song with a grieving heart. With her heart-stopping quietness and her dropping voice in “What He Wrote”, Marling delivers her story with a musical accompaniment.  The song was one of her debuts and her impressive performance was appreciated by the audience mostly because of her calm nature.

Watch Laura Marling – What He Wrote

8. Ninelie – Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress  (9K Repeats)


Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress (Original – Koutetsujou no kabaneri) is a 12 episodes action anime series released on 2016 by Wit studio. The series was directed by Tetsuro Araki that not only features man-eating zombies but some pretty good soundtracks. The opening theme song “Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress” builds an incredible strength that leads the audience towards the episode of the series. The ending theme song “Ninelie” delivers a melancholy feel the presents the whole drama while the episodes end.

Watch Ninelie – Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

7. Salena Gomez – Baila Conmigo (10K Repeats)

Selena Gomez has a Spanish name but does she have Latin origins? Indeed, it sometimes seems like every female pop star has a bit of Latin in them: Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Kali Uchis, Becky G… And even if it isn’t the case, the Latin pop industry is so large and powerful that they should be forgiven for wanting a piece of it (just look at the Black Eyed Peas and their recent releases). But when it comes to Selena Gomez, she does have Mexican heritage on her father’s side, though she was never properly taught how to speak the language when growing up.

This now leaves her in an awkward position: Spanish-speaking audiences see her as one of their own but she struggles to communicate well. “Baila Conmigo” may just be the perfect expression of this – it is a track about two lovers brought together out of pure instinct, regardless of the language barrier that exists between them. To deliver this track Gomez has partnered with Rauw Alejandro, the Puerto Rican rapper who can steer the ship when it comes to evoking place: the video seems to be set on the Caribbean island and Selena appears as a pop star performing on TV.

Watch Salena Gomez – Baila Conmigo

6. Snail’s House – Pixel Galaxy (12K Repeats)

The video to Pixel Galaxy is probably one of the best-animated music videos you’ve probably ever seen. Keitaro Ujiie (aka Snail’s House) is originally a Japanese electronic musician who resides in Tokyo. His electronic soundtracks were first published in SoundCloud in 2012 and ever since his music started being famous worldwide. Pixel Galaxy was released in 2017 featuring a beautiful Japanese animated MV which instantly was loved by everyone.

Watch Snail’s House – Pixel Galaxy

5. The Wellermen – Wellermen (14K Repeats)

This is the best thing to happen to TikTok since its inception. The Sea Shanty viral streak is the perfect marriage of two very different worlds: workmen’s songs from the days when crews would row by hand and haul ships across the Earth’s rough seas, and the millions of content creators fishing for a viral explosion. There are teams of people in media companies whose job it is to identify winning content ideas. What is the bet that nobody saw this coming? Indeed, the idea seems so farfetched that it shouldn’t have taken off, but here we are.

For Nathan Evans, the main singer and musician behind “Wellerman,” it must have felt like a dream. He is now an artist with a number one single and all he has done is gather like-minded people to sing in harmony while on film before uploading the results to a social media platform fames for its bitesize, accessible content. They didn’t even set it to music! It is a-capella apart from a pounding bass note that keeps the time. Yet, you won’t find a catchier song… “soon may the wellerman come, to bring us sugar and tea and rum!”

Watch The Wellerman – Wellermen

4. Powfu – Death Bed (15K Repeats)

The mellow song Death Bed by Powfu expresses the thoughts of a young man waiting for death but wishes all the best for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, he is reminiscing all the cheerful memories he had with his girlfriend. It doesn’t get any mellower than this. Death Bed isn’t from any of Powfu’s albums, but he along with producer Otterpop had uploaded this song on Spotify. Released on February 8 on 2018, the song features a sample song Coffee by British artist Beabadobee.

Watch Powfu – Death Bed

 3. Dua Lipa – Physical (16K Repeats)

“Physical” by Dua Lipa has all the hallmarks of a 90’s euro club track. There is a pounding electronic bass, slightly muted lyrics, warbling synths, and a chorus that needs to be half-shouted to do justice to. Its official video drips with Haute fashion, with every shot seemingly pulled from a double-page spread in a magazine. This is where Dua Lipa excels – when it comes to the visuals – and her fans are getting exactly what they’d hoped for with this one.

Whether Dua Lipa’s “Physical” is a particularly memorable track is another question. In the past, Dua Lipa has been accused of putting out slightly repetitive music – those same criticisms will be leveled at this song as well. While there is a lot of styles, there doesn’t seem to be much character. Whatever the case, she is an artist on the rise and we can expect Future Nostalgia to break records. The long-term cultural importance of the release matters less than how much of a splash it makes now. Enjoy the electronic pop by Dua Lipa!

Watch Dua Lipa – Physical

2. [MV] IU (아이유) – Celebrity (18K Repeats)

Lee Ji Eun, known professionally as IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. Her stage name translates into “I and U” which in its turn translates into a message that all people can become one through music. Her debut single “Lost Child” was released in 2008, and she became a recognized name on the South Korean music scene about seven months later with the release of her first studio album “Growing Up”. IU recently revealed that she wrote a song for a close friend, who happens to be a close celebrity. Celebrity has a strong opening of lyrics and music that shows the true emotions of IU.

Watch [MV] IU (아이유) – Celebrity

1. Twice – I Can’t Stop Me (30K Repeats)

The brand-new music video from TWICE, called “I Can’t Stop Me” already hit 10 million views on YouTube within the first 12 hours of its release. It is impossible to overstate the size of TWICE’s fanbase. It extends all over the world and, especially amongst kids; they are the group that commands attention, perhaps even more so than titans like BTS and Blackpink. Whatever the numbers, they are in the conversation, and that is special considering the success of K-pop as an expert all around the world. From Seoul to California, kids in playgrounds are more likely to speak about these groups than almost anything else.

With this release, they have also embraced a particular trend within K-pop, and more widely: synthpop, following other groups like EVERGLOW. It is the sound of the moment and takes the genre into still more experimental areas. There is a turbo-charged verse and a big moment chorus, which is a welcome return to the climax-lead tracks that K-pop made its name on.
All that is left to talk about is the visuals, and there is no disappointment there (unsurprisingly). Color, fast dancing, impeccable outfits, a whole lotta attitude … It is original, quirky, and big. Everything we’d expect from a release of this magnitude. Get used to the sound if you aren’t already, this is the most-loved soundscape in the world right now, and it is here to stay.

Watch Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

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