How to loop a section of a YouTube video?

How to loop a section of a YouTube video

Youtube is by far the most popular video social media and one of the best search engines on the internet. You can find music videos, music festivals, award show performances, podcasts, and even live TV news on Youtube. With so much content and a massive audience are a lot of different user needs. There will be times for certain users that want the ability to loop a section of a YouTube video, or in other words, to do a start/stop time repeat.

What Youtube is offering

Of course, there are ways to jump to a section or loop a video on Youtube. There are ways to get to a certain section of a Youtube video if you know it’s timestamp. Good content creators even add timestamps of sections in the video in the description of the video to aid in jumping exactly into what a viewer wants.

There is also a looping function on Youtube that can be used in two ways. You can loop a video in its entirety or loop a playlist in its entirety. But that’s all there is to it. Kudos to the Youtube for understanding the well-known facts on why repeating a video or audio is important to a person’s comprehension and entertainment.

Youtube limitations

However, YouTube looper doesn’t allow you to loop a specific section of a YouTube video.  Unfortunately, you will have to repeat the full video or song to loop.  But just because Youtube hasn’t added the feature, it doesn’t mean it is not a needed feature. Everyone who has ever used Youtube has had to repeat a part of a video over and over.

Youtube can't handle it

It could be, for example, an award show or a music concert that you are watching on Youtube, and you just like that one performance in the middle and let it loop. Or you could be listening to your favorite podcast, and you like this one section that you’d want it to loop till it sinks in. Or maybe you are a student or a hobbyist watching a lecture or a tutorial, and you want a chapter or section to loop till you understand a process or idea. The fact remains that we all need more than what Youtube has to offer when it comes to our “loop needs.”

The need for such a feature cannot be overemphasized. Luckily, you no longer have to go through all that hassle. With Listenonrepeat, you can easily set the start/stop sections for every video.  

How to loop a section of a YouTube video?

For all your Youtube repeater needs, or if you specifically want to loop a section of a YouTube video, ListenOnRepeat, is an easy-to-use quick tool to help Youtube viewers repeat entire Youtube playlists, an entire Youtube video, or a section in a Youtube video. 

It is very easy to use; all you have to do is copy the link for the Youtube video you would like to watch and loop it into the search section.

The cool part about the search feature on ListenOrepeat is that if you don’t know the link address to the video, you can simply search the title of the video the same way you would on Youtube.

Once your search is done, you will have a list of the result, and picking one will automatically run on the ListenOnRepeat player.

This is where the magic happens as you can select any section of the video by adjusting the slider below the video player.

The slider has a start end and a finish end. You guessed it, these ends of the slider will mark the beginning timestamp and the end timestamp of the section you would like to loop.

The sliders can be adjusted to any length within the video’s timeline. If you want to loop the whole video, you can just leave the start end of the slider at the very beginning and the finish end at the end of the video.  This can be done to any video or all videos in your playlists.  Not too shabby right?

Extend the power of LOR with a Chrome extension

Extend the power of Chrome

For users of the Chrome browser, there is an even easier way of accessing ListenOnRepeat. You can install the free ListeOnRepeat Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.   With this chrome extension, it just takes a click of the LOR chrome extension icon that will take you from youtube to your LOR account.  

Expanding on Youtube

More than just YouTube


It is easy to tell at first use thatListenOnRepeat can do everything that the native Youtube can, only a lot better. Just like you’d get on Youtube, ListenOnRepeat will show you recommended videos according to your previous searches and likings. You also get to share the videos on all popular social media platforms.

But there is a reason why you might want to use ListenOnRepeat to share your videos on social media. You have the ability to share a section of the video that you have on loop, using the same slider to set markers. The recipient of the video link you shared will be taken to the ListenOnRepeat page for the video with the slider markers set on the section selected. This way, you can share just the portion you want your friends to hear or pay attention to.  This is quite useful if you are learning a new language, music, etc.

LOR to your heart’s content

There are also some really cool features that ListeOnRepeat has to offer. It is more than just a glorified Youtube looper; it can also keep track of specific loop start/stop times for each song.  No more listening to a full song before looping. 

You have to sign up with a free account for ListenOnrepeat to keep track of your favorite videos and your watch history. Signing up is very easy as you can sign up with your Google or Facebook account. 

Can still take it up a notch

The videos you have liked are also saved. ListenOnRepeat will show you the count of the videos you favorited, start/stop times, and a count of all videos that were looped globally. 

More and more features..

There are also some extra features that you will get when you are signed into your account. There is a Top 10 for you to check the popular streams for the week, depending on your taste. This is a quick way to know what’s trending before you hear it from your friends.  A new music playlist will be created for you every Monday based on your listening.  With the new playlist you can quickly add to your playlists or create a new one for the gym, work, or wherever you go.

There is also a review section for all the reviews made by the ListenOnRepeat staff on various Youtube content. This is also another section for you to see what’s hot and what’s not. You cannot be living under a rock with a ListenOnrepeat account.

ListenOnRepeat can also be used to search and listen to your favorite podcasts and internet radio. There is a great list of podcasts fully categorized by the industry for your easy searching. Your favorite podcasts will also be kept, and you can see the most popular or trending podcasts according to your podcast preference.

The same can also be done with the internet radio player, where your favorite radios are kept and saved for quick access the next time you log in.

Try Listenonrepeat today, its free..

Try listenonrepeat today



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