The Best Twice Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

The Best Twice Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

10Fans of K-pop are armies to be mobilized. On every new release of a music video on YouTube, there are generals in comments sections that push people to watch and share, imploring the viewers to reach certain goals. It all comes down to a competition between K-pop groups, and the fans are strongly aligned, like sports fans, to their chosen team. Twice are in the top 5 on pretty much every chart right now, and they are proving that there are more big players in the K-pop world than Psy, BlackPink, and BTS, something that is becoming increasingly clear.

In this article, we review and rank the best Twice songs based on ratings and votes from the users. Let’s get started!


At #1 we have addictive “Alcohol-free”. “Alcohol-Free” is a track aimed more at the Korean market than Twice’s other tracks on their recent album, with mostly Korean lyrics. Despite this, it did incredibly well in the Western world, too, and the official video has over 200 million views in just over six months, which is impressive even by the astronomical view rates that top videos by K-pop stars usually attract.

With sweet production, acoustic guitars, and what some fans have described as bossa nova sprinkled into the soundscape, the group embarks on a healthy journey through a colorful set in the video, extolling the virtues of going 0,0%. The lyrics are full of references to different liquors and, while many enjoyed the laid-back feel of the track, there were some fans that wanted more energy and weight in the beat, something that they are used to through Twice’s other popular releases.

The Feels

With over 40 million views in the first few days of release, “The Feels” is yet another smash hit from the girl group Twice, a K-pop act that is threatening to dethrone the likes of BTS and Blackpink. The song’s title will be familiar to most, describing a sensation that we can all recognize, defined in a popular urban dictionary as: “The feeling you get and can’t quite explain, making you speechless and go crazy when that certain someone looks at you just the right way, or really, does anything… I was texting him last night and I got the feels so bad!”

This idea is translated perfectly into the lyrics of the track, which begin like this: “Uh, I’m so curious/ ’Bout ya boy, wanna keep it cool/ But I know everytime you move/ Got me frozen, I/ Get so shy, it’s obvious (Yeah, yeah)/ Catching feels like butterflies/ If I say what’s on my mind/ Would I hit bullseye? (Woo)” … These words come at the beginning of the songs, when the group opens an invitation to the prom, setting the premise for a romantic meeting and all the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that come along with it.



“Cry For Me” is a song that describes an experience that most people will be able to relate to. A bad boy and a nice girl who form a couple that will inevitably end in heartbreak and, yes, tears. In the same vein, as Justin Timberlake’s 2000s hit, the injured party wants the perpetrator to feel the same pain that they did, which is why they ask them to cry, just like they have done. “Bad boy bad boy bad boy, you really make me mad girl, mad girl mad girl,” is just one of the lyrical hooks that make this song catchy by way of repetition.

Fans are certainly happy with the new release, with some suggesting that they stick to these themes and this established style: “They should make a whole album with songs like this and ‘Up to No More.’ It would fit the dark vs light concept that they established in ICSM.” 2021 is sure to be another smash hit of a year for this group that shows no signs of slowing down. Fans eagerly await the official video’s release.


“I Can’t Stop Me” is about the electricity felt when two people develop an unspoken passion for one another. In these situations, as the song recounts, holding back simply isn’t an option. English comes in on the chorus for the central hook and the visuals and choreography, as expected, are about as shiny and impressive as it gets. In just over two weeks “I Can’t Stop Me” have over 120 million views making it one of the most viewed K-pop songs on YouTube. 


“More & More” is the title track for this new project and it is a vocal rollercoaster that goes through several changes throughout the verses. We get a techno bridge, and a pounding, ecstatic chorus. As in many K-pop hits, there are rap sections included and the dance/ performance element is of central importance. Of all their 9 mini albums, this one is being rated highly. Part of the reason for that is that the members of Twice have been taking a more active role in the writing and producing of the music. The K-pop music machine is large and imposing, so it is good to see a story about artists reclaiming control and the music being all the better for it.

The video, like any K-pop project worth its salt, is a feast for the senses. We begin in some kind of magical grotto that looks unreal and glittering. Then leopards enter the fray, and we begin a bizarre biblical scene – a snake slinks up the branch of a tree, and band members reach for the ripe apples that dangle invitingly, and dangerously, from magical trees. As the chorus builds and the repetition of the word “more” comes in, the screen changes color, and the word “more” bursts into the forbidden fruit. It’s a track about temptation and an inability to curb desires.

Feel Special

Twice’s hits have been upbeat, energetic jams, without room for sincerity, or the kind of creeping melancholy that their lyrics about loneliness are inviting into the space. It has been a bit of a revelation, and something tells you it will be an incredibly popular shift in direction. Why? Because the fans of Twice, who are known as “once” are encouraged to connect with all 9 members on a personal level. The track “Feel Special” has been released alongside several episodes, with each one launching you into an incredibly personalized, stylized portrait of a particular member.  

It’s something that K-pop groups have found the recipe for, and it means that they probably have the most loyal fans in the world. “Feel Special” hit over 100 million views at the time of writing, and it is at the top of the K-pop charts once more. How far the song catches on in the West remains to be seen, but whereas before it would have been a question of a few hundred thousand more sales, it’s looking more and more like it could be millions.


Released in 2017, TT has over 600 million views on YouTube to date and is one of the most viewed Kpop songs of all time. Twice is known for their quirkiness which is known to fit the girls’ voices, TT is no exception. The song is brilliantly composed delivering a massive charm to the listeners. However, TT might just have been better if it didn’t miss that addictive chorus. Yet, the melody is surprising and addictive enough and doesn’t build too much which makes it, a masterpiece.  

Like Ooh Ahh

This is the song that gave the world its very first taste of Twice. Twices’ debut song “Like Ooh Ahh” is not just a song but an emotion for the Twice fans. When the music video was released in 2015, with its opening flute melody, the Zombie film-inspired MV, and the iconic mono-led dance break, Twice marked its way in the Kpop. Twice have released tons of songs ever since, but “Like Ooh Ahh” will be one of their best songs forever. 

Cheer Up

You don’t need anything else to cheer you up when you have Twice. “Cheer Up” is one of Twices’ best-performing songs of 2016 on the Gaon Digital Chart. It’s colorful, it’s quirky, it’s fun and most importantly it’s more addictive than Alcohol. “Cheer Up” is Twices’ second single but they made sure to make their way to the top as the best Kpop groups with it. 


Watching Twice perform live and in music videos is always fun and their concept has evolved greatly over the years. Twice’s new single “Scientist” delivers a synth-heavy approach that comes across like a natural sequel. The scientist has one of the most fantastic choruses among all Twice’s songs and it’s fun and catchy. The music video is entertaining enough considering the colors, punches, and instrumental yet feels understated. The quirky instrumental outro as always steals the show this time as well. The scientist is rated 8.8/10 based on the hooks, production, longevity, and lyrics making it one of the best Twice songs of all time.


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