The Best Travel Songs for 2022

The Best Travel Songs for 2022

Traveling can be one of the best ways to experience new places and meet new people. Whether you are traveling home after a long day of work or on a vacation to explore new places around the world, you need something to keep you entertained throughout the way. The vacations and trips can be long and tiring, even if you’re not doing anything too strenuous. The best way to make these long travels more enjoyable is to have a playlist of songs to overcome the boredom. 

You can always listen to these travel songs to keep you entertained until you reach your destination. In this article, we have curated some of the best songs you can listen to while traveling in 2022. Read on!

Take Me Home, Country Road – John Denver

Take Me Home, Country Road by John Denver is the most iconic travel song of all time. When you are far from home, you long to be taken home. This is what John Denver is trying to say when he sing “take me home, country road / to the place I belong”. This is a song about missing your home you left behind long ago, the country road that you used to walk each day, and the people you miss. Take Me Home, Country Road has been covered by many musicians yet the more you listen to this song, the more you fall in love with it. If you are traveling home after a long time, this is a song for you.

Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf, a rock band founded in 1967 in Los Angeles was most prominent from 1960 – to 1976. They were the face of Rock n’ Roll and sold over 25 million records worldwide during this time. It’s not every day you come across a song that is powerful, moving and has the ability to change people’s lives. Written by Mars Bonfire, “Born to Be Wild” was released in 1968 and immediately topped charts worldwide. To this date, “Born to Be Wild” is considered one of the best rock travel songs of all time.

Fast Cars – Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an American singer-songwriter who has been recording and performing since the mid-1970s. She became popular with many hit albums in the 1980s, but her folk song “Fast Cars” gave her a big break in 1987 and became popular worldwide. The song tells the story of a girl who meets a male friend, who she can tell is interested in her, at a party. She talks about starting a new life from zero and going somewhere else in the fast car for a fresh start. The song ends with the lines “You gotta make a decision… Leave tonight or live and die this way” asking him to take the decision.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Released in the mid-70s by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama is one of the most famous songs in country music. Lynyrd Skynyrd released tons of songs throughout his career but “Sweet Home Alabama” will forever be remembered as the ultimate travel song. The song is primarily made up of bluegrass and country music, with an occasional blues influence. Sweet Home Alabama had a significant impact on the music of the time, and even today it is still a sought-after song by bluegrass and country musicians. 

I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

Some songs are so great, you just play them again and again. One of these songs is the incredibly catchy “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash. Remember how we like to hymn and sing along with the song when we travel? “I’ve Been Everywhere” has got lyrics, melody, and rhythms that you can’t resist singing. It’s a great song to listen to when you are feeling down or when you just need some motivation. Put on this track when you travel and miles won’t feel like a distance.

Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys knight & The Pips

“He said he’s going back to find / (Going back to find) / What’s left of his world / The world he left behind / Not so long ago”. Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys Knight & The Pips opens up the song lyrics capturing the adventures of the narrator when he takes the midnight train to Georgia. This Grammy-winning song, which also hit #1 in October 1973, is told from the women’s perspective, whose husband is giving up on his dreams of Hollywood stardom and heading back home to Georgia to meet her. 

Ramblin’ Man – The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers band is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. They were a band that was able to create multiple genres of music, from rock to funk to country. “Ramblin’ Man” is one the band’s most popular songs from the album “Brothers and Sisters”. The Allman Brothers Band debuted in 1969 and has been around for decades now. But aside from being embraced by music fans all over the world, and joining the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, The Allman Brothers Band has given unforgettable music to us. “Ramblin’ Man” is a song you can pick for your ultimate travel playlist.

Cups – Anna Kendrick

“I got my ticket for the long way ’round / Two bottle o’ whiskey for the way / And I sure would like some sweet company / And I’m leavin’ tomorrow, what do you say?”. I can’t remember how many times I have listened to this song whenever I’ve gone on a trip. “Cups” by Anna Kendrick is a sweet, melodies and rhyming song that expresses a deep feeling of traveling to somewhere else to chase your dream. However, you don’t want to go alone and want to invite someone to join the journey as Anna Kendrick tries to capture in her song. 

Where The Streets Have No Name – U2

“Where The Streets Have No Name” is one of the most iconic songs ever written. It is a song that is usually associated with peace, love, and the inevitable demise of one’s bad moods. Since U2 originally released the song, it has been covered by many musicians in different genres yet it feels good in every version. The song was released on the album “The Joshua Tree” in 1987 which sold millions of copies worldwide. “With or Without You” and “Where The Streets Have No Name” are two of U2’s best travel songs of the decade.

Shameless – Camila

What makes “Shameless” by Camila Cabello a great travel song? Within just a few days of its release, the song has notched up millions of views. Indeed, ever since “Havana,” along with her more recent collaborations with Shawn Mendes, Cabello has been operating in the world of bonafide superstardom. Interestingly, the tracks that have got here all sport different themes and approaches, while their accompanying visuals stay relatively similar to each other. As far as the lyrics of “Shameless” reveal the meaning behind the song (they are more abstract than in some of her other hits), the track paints Cabello into a predicament. She wants to be with someone, but she can’t, for whatever reason – at one point it is hinted that the person in question is already with someone – and the whole ordeal is driving her positively mad.


Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver

John Denver is known for his country-rhymed music and “Leaving on a Jet Plane” is one of his most popular hits from the 90s. The lyrics, chorus, and the touch of country blues are what make “Leaving on a Jet Plane” another great song to listen to while traveling. The song was Denver’s first number-one single on the US country charts and also one of his signature songs. It has been recorded by tons of artists and musicians worldwide and is often considered a country music anthem. It is also featured on Denver’s 1970 album Poems, Prayers, and Promises. The cover of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” recorded by “The Macarons Project” is one of the best that you can listen to. 

Travelin’ Man – Ricky Nelson

Travelin’ Man was released in 1961 and was a critically acclaimed album by singer-songwriter Ricky Nelson. Ricky Nelson is an American pop icon and one of the most popular solo artists of the early 1960s. Ricky’s life and success is a story of never being content with your achievements and always pushing yourself beyond your limits. He is also a man that refused to let his own personal tragedies and setbacks keep him from pushing forward to be the best that he could possibly be. “Travelin’ Man” opens with “I’m a travelin’ man and I’ve made a lot of stops / All over the world / And in every port, I own the heart / Of at least one lovely girl”. In short, Travelin’ Man is about where he has traveled to and the women loved throughout his journey. 


The Cave – Mumford and Sons

“The Cave” is a song by tee British indie band Mumford & Sons (consisting of lead singer Marcus Mumford, guitarist Winston Marshall, keyboard player Ben Lovett, and bassist Ted Dwayne) released on the 12th of May 2009 as the third single from the band’s debut studio album Sigh No More, released later the same year on the 2nd of October. The song was written by the band and was produced by the British producer and songwriter Markus Dravs, famous for his work with Björk, Coldplay, and Arcade Fire. What makes “The Cave” a great travel song is the way the band has put together all the elements making it easy to sing along on a ride.


Ho Hey – The Lumineers

The Lumineers have always been a band that is known for their amazing sound, but they also have a sound that is uniquely their own. They have a sound that is different in the sense that it is youthful and has a lot of energy to it. Released in 2012, “Ho Hey” was the band’s debut single that went on to be a big hit. The chorus of the song is so good to sing along with when traveling. I belong with you, you belong with me / You’re my sweetheart / I belong with you, you belong with me You’re my sweet / come on, now / (Ho) hey (Hey). 

Binding Lights – The Weeknd

The first release since The Weeknd’s 2018 EP, My Dear Melancholy, “Blinding Lights” has been heard before in a different form including the one in Medieval theme. The Weekend generally makes pretty transferable music. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for his music before, and this song has also been utilized for the new advert for Mercedes-Benz. Upon hearing it, you can see why: “Blinding Lights” definitely has a sense of forwarding motion, and also a sense of nighttime, and would be perfect in accompanying shots of a car shooting down a highway at night, street lights blurred in streaks through the windows.

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