The Best Red Velvet Songs [Voted & Ranked ]

The Best Red Velvet Songs [Voted & Ranked ]

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl band formed under one of the largest production companies’ SM Entertainment. It consists of five members, some of whom had prior experience, having featured in music videos, TV programs, and musicals. The band’s official debut took place on August 1, 2014. Their current discography consists of one studio album, three extended plays, and eight singles. The group is comprised of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, with Yeri being added to the group later. It is a list of names that perfectly captures K-Pop’s utilization of both Korean and English, one of the factors in how quickly it has spread internationally.

Red Velvet has released tons of songs and music videos since its debut and they have been able to maintain the spark over the years. In this article, we review and rank the best Red Velvet songs based on ratings and votes from the users. Let’s get started!


There aren’t many nations that are better at creating tension, and then releasing it in a wave of horror than South Korea. For years now, the country has been the benchmark for the rest of the horror world, and 2019’s Parasite acted as a stand-out example of why the whole world is in agreement. But in K-Pop this sentiment has not really come to fruition. Perhaps “Psycho” by Red Velvet, is about to change all that. From the title, the thumbnail, and the general aesthetic of the video, it certainly seems so…

This same idea is echoed in the lyrics of the track, which are mainly in Korean before the chorus comes in and the inevitable English descends: “You got me feeling like a psycho, psycho.” Yet, for those who were looking forward to something that would make the blood run cold, unfortunately, “Psycho” isn’t going to deliver. Instead, it follows the formula laid out by Taylor Swift, whereby she is made crazy by a relationship in several tracks, most notably “Bad Blood.” All in all, it suffices to say that while the word Psycho is oft-repeated, the actions, the looks, and the attitudes, are about as un-psychotic as it gets, especially for a pop video.

Russian Roulette

“Russian Roulette” is the band’s single from their third extended play of the same title. Both the single and the EP were released on September 7, 2016. The track list includes seven titles. Two of them, “Russian Roulette” and “Lucky Girl”, were used for the promotion. The band received overall positive feedback for the single and the album.

Music for the single “Russian Roulette” was composed by a team of three songwriters, while the fourth penned the lyrics. The accompanying music video has vivid colors and a seemingly fun theme, though on the sly band members plot against each other, partially recreating the spirit of The Simpsons’ fictional cartoon show “Itchy & Scratchy”.

Feel My Rhythm

Red Velvet’s Feel My Rhythm delivers a performance that is nothing short of dripping the skill and their quirky character. The melody is like something you hear from the Disney musical, it’s quite catchy and fun to listen to. Just like Red Velvet’s other songs like Psycho, Queendom, and Bad Boy, Feel My Rhythm also provide the same beat and synth-pop acts. A glance at the translated lyrics proves this point. Rather than having a bite, or a tendency towards the deranged, they speak of love and desire as we would expect them to: “ This is gonna be a crazy night/ Feel my rhythm, come with me.” Feel My Rhythm is ranked as the best Red Velvet song by Discotech. 

Bad Boy

Red Velvet has been blending its r&b sides along with the quirky pop for the past few years. Composed by the famous K-pop producer Yoo Young Jin, the Bad Boy is a song not to be missed. Yoo Young Jin usually works alone but he collaborated with three more composers for the Bad Boy like an assemble for something really bad. The instrumental for Bad Boy is amazingly atmospheric and the addition of synth loop and bass is what you always listen to on the Red Velvet songs. The trap influence, however, seems to be a little overdone but the smooth vocals and the act of the girls in the music video make it all up. Bad Boys easily ranks as the group’s most “Velvet” songs of all time.


As their fans will tell you, few groups are as distinctive and unique as Red Velvet. It all comes from the way they sound, and top comments on the music video for “Queendom” say so from the very beginning: “The vocals and its uniqueness is something you can’t forget and you will automatically know it’s Red Velvet when you hear it.” Another fan concurred: “Yes the originality, uniqueness, and vocals. ladies and gentlemen, Red Velvet.” K-pop fans are in the business of hyping up their favorite artists but “Queendom” has been attracting particular buzz, especially from a group that isn’t arguably in the top bracket alongside Blackpink and BTS. Still, 16 million views on the first day of its release isn’t a bad effort. 

The symbolism of kings and queens abound in K-pop – the X-factor style shows that comb Seoul for the next big talents are named along royal lines and the top acts are presented as if ordained by God. Fans are keen to boost their group in the court rankings: “CAUSE WE ARE THE QUEENS AND KINGS!!! And Red Velvet is definitely real Queens of Kpop!!! Watch out!! That’s our Queendom!” This is the title track from the group’s sixth mini-album (EP), featuring the following tracks: Queendom, Pose, Knock On Wood, Better Be, Pushin’ N Pullin’, and 다시, 여름 (Hello, Sunset). The project represents a comeback after two years out, their last release being the 2019 album, Psycho, which helped put their name on the map. Though some have commented that the music could be more out there, the track has been a success overall.

Dumb Dumb

Although the title is “Dumb Dumb”, and they repeat the word “Dumb” 219 times in the lyrics, there is nothing dumb about this song. In fact, it’s one of K-pop’s most groundbreaking performances with Michael Jackson-themed rap, and r&b that marvel on its own. Red Velvet fans are always keen to boost any new songs and you could see the thousands of music video shares through social media. Dumb Dumb is one of the most incredibly created songs. The lyrics are mostly in the Korean language but the way they mentioned the word “Dumb” so many times, it almost felt like an English song. 

Kingdom Come

Red Velvet is known for its strong vocals and the way they have showcased “Kingdom Come” is truly marvelous with how they portrayed the group’s harmonizing. You probably know about how the “Velvet” is about devotion and their release “Kingdom Come” is a track that is worthy of every praise it can get. Red Velvet has given everything they could in “Kingdom Come” with an amazing introduction, r&b feels, godly vocals, and the typical K-pop culture. It’s no surprise Red Velvet is one of the dominating K-pop groups of all time.

I Just

“I Just” is an indication of what magic Red Velvet can do with their vocals. As compared to their previous tracks, “I Just” is more harmonized and the girls succeeded to maintain their own individuality and unique colors. The composition of “I Just” is truly amazing and with the electronic pop and EDM, you can listen to this song for the whole day and still not get tired of it. Wendy got a chance to extend her vocal capabilities after so long and she kept her end of the bargain. The other girls were up to the point and didn’t disappoint. The best part of the song was the instrumental and the synth that gives the track and new level up.



On November 17, 2017, Red Velvet released “Perfect Velvet”, their second full-length album with the title track “Peek-a-boo”. Peek-a-boo proved to be an infectious success and secured a place in the top 10 on many lists and radios. Red Velvet girls’ are quite expert in balancing two different genres of music from hip hop to r&b and Peek-a-boo is no exception. The lyrics of the song are mostly Korean whose English translation goes like this: I said one, two, three! play the game again / Restart a game! / Peek-peek-a-peek-a-boo. The music video, however, is really amazing and the quirky acts of the girls are mesmerizing to look at. 

Red Flavor

On July 9, 2017, under the production of SM Entertainment and distribution of Genie Music, Red Velvet released one of their most iconic song “Red Flavor”. Produced by Caesar & Loui, “Red Flavor” masters K-pop from every end including vocals, lyrics, melody, rhythm, instrumental, and music video. You could immediately recognize the song by just listening to its introduction music. The girl has delivered a massive vocal performance with their propelling energy and the dance-pop/electronic-pop is not something that you can easily forget. 


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