The Best Songs of 2022 (So Far)

The Best Songs of 2022 (So Far)

It’s not been long since the year 2022 started yet hundreds of new music videos and songs have been released already. New artists are moving in and pushing the envelope for traditional sound styles. Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, BTS, Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, etc. are supposed to dominate the charts this year. Many new names are on their debut and can be expected to go big. From pop music to rap, the musical genre variety is growing day by day and shifting towards modern contemporary. Music has always been a part of people’s lives, but the way people listened to music has changed over the years.

Amid the COVID and world at war, time flies when you have the music to listen to. In this article, we discuss the best songs of 2022 so far!


The Joker and The Queen – Ed Sheeran (ft. Taylor Swift)

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are back again with their 4th collaboration titled “The joker and The Queen”. The song is the remix of Ed Sheeran’s previous songs from the 2021 album “Equals”. However, the Chemistry of Sheeran and Swift makes the songs more unique. The song features various angles of a relationship including insecurities, and complications in love when two people are happy together.

Let Somebody Go – Coldplay, Salena Gomez

“Let Somebody Go” is a song by British alternative rock band Coldplay and American singer-songwriter, Salena Gomez. It was a long wait but the collaboration is finally out. Coldplay has never disappointed with their music videos for any of their songs with uniqueness and classic style. The latest music video of “Let Somebody Go” is no less. With a black and white themed music video, it seems they have taken inspiration from the movie Inception. Love is in the air but the world is moving upside down!

High – Chainsmokers

The Chainsmoker’s “High” has been awarded as the week’s favorite new music on Billboard after securing 39% of the week’s vote in January 2022. The music video is directed by Kid and co-written and co-produced by Alex Pall and Taggart. The Chainsmokers seek to go high with their latest release “High” but the love from the Chainsmokers fans and views across streaming platforms will decide how high they can go. 

Birds – Bambara

Bambara shared the latest title “Birds” and it’s a cut from her mini-album “Love is on my Mind” which was released on February 25, 2022. The music video of “Birds” reveals the complex relationship and love throughout the record. The song focuses on the realistic part of life and how the journey begins and continues. 

Light Switch – Charlie Puth

Light Switch by Charlie Puth is one of the heavily teased singles and it’s finally out. Charlie Puth has released numerous titles including the most-loved “See You Again”. But did “Light Switch ” live up to the hype? The voice of Charlie Puth is magical and there’s no denying it yet you can feel something missing on the music video. Their rhythms seemed a little tight but it’s groovy and will make your hymn in your head.

As with all Puth songs, “Light Switch” has a great balance between accessible catchiness and the more interesting musical elements that make him one of the most widely respected artists in the pop world. His voice, as always, is also the centerpiece and a hugely impressive element in any of his output. The track’s title relates to just how quickly feelings can shift from the logical to the emotional, whereby despite all the doubts he feels “turned on” without being able to help it when that significant other is around.

If You Ever Change Your Mind – Calum Scott

Calum Scott is a British singer-songwriter who got famous after the audition on Britain’s Got Talent. People couldn’t get his voice out of their heads and his songs got millions of views one after another. Scott is back again with his new heartbreak song “If you ever change your mind” and it’s – well – heartbreaking. The music video is wonderful and the lyrics explain the painful breakup with his girlfriend. Everyone has gone through a broken heart at least once in their life, and this song portrays how it feels to be broken.

Melody – Sigala  

“Melody” is the latest single by the DJ and record producer Sigala. This summer-tuned single is tempting and attracts joyful sensations. Sigala hasn’t released tons of Music videos that went big, but “Melody” makes a difference. It’s one of those songs that’s not easy to get out of your head. The song is catchy and the lyrics are easy to sing along to. 

I Lost Myself in Loving You – Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller is a Welsh Singer and songwriter who was featured on the Voice UK where he secured 3rd place. Although he didn’t win the show, he won the hearts of millions. He has released tons of music videos ever since including “Wishes,” “Here’s Your Perfect,” “” and the latest “I Lost Myself in Loving You”. The song is a heartfelt ballad where it talks about the journey of love and realization.

Long Drives – BoyWithUke

Long Drives is the latest single by BoyWithUke released on January 21, 2022. The vocals, production, and lyrics, all are from the BoyWithUke band themselves. They feature the popular indie and lo-fi sounds on their music and Ukulele, Guitar, and piano as their musical instruments. Long Drives is one of those songs that you play in your car when you go on a trip or long drives. It’s catchy and you can even play its chords on guitar or piano. 


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