Top 10 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Movie soundtracks are a key component to any movie. In fact, soundtracks have been an integral part of movies from the very beginning of the film. Scoring the film with a seamless soundtrack allows for the production of emotional and powerful scenes. Romance or thriller, addition of music to any movie scene gives goosebumps whenever you hear it. From Titanic to Purple Rain, R&B or Jazz, Music has delivered not just entertainment but feelings and emotions.

In addition, the soundtracks from movies have given birth to some of the greatest musicians of all time. While many movies adapt already released songs, there are quite a few movies that were original and went on to be a big hit. What would Pulp fiction be without Dick Dale’s rock guitar? Or would you ever feel the emotion of Rose from Titanic without “My Heart Will Go on”. Throughout the history of movies, music and songs have added depth to the heroic and villainy actions, love and betrayal, sadness and grieving and the battle hymns.

When it comes to the best movie soundtracks, there is a wide range of songs that have been created through generations until now. In this article we explain the soundtracks loved by the most from classic movies to the modern cinema.

1. American Graffiti

Before Star Wars, George Lucas’s American Graffiti was composed of some of the greatest old classics sung by the greatest gems of all time: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys. During the 70s, the hits were blasted through the car radios, theatres and concerts. These soundtracks have been played in hundreds of movies so far and it never gets old. Soundtracks from American Graffiti deliver sentiments, happiness and drama that can make any moment thrilling.

Watch American Graffiti Music Video

2. Purple Rain – When Doves Cry

Prince was already a big hit with two of the popular titles to his name – “Little Red Corvette” and “1999”. He decided to be a movie star and successfully released a movie that went on to be one of the highest-grossing movies in 1984. Although the movie was highly criticized by many for sensitive and cruel actions including violence. Regardless, it was a great hit and Price was seen to be more sensual and open more than ever in the movie. The movie explains the deep longing of Prince (troubled musician, struggling in this music career) that is likely not to be met. The most popular soundtrack from the movie was “When Doves Cry” which was created with collaboration of Prince and the revolution.

Watch Prince – When Doves Cry


3. Superfly – Freddie’s Dead

Curtis Mayfield dedicated the song “Freddie’s Dead” to Fat Freddie, a drug dealer who dies in a car accident in Super Fly. When Freddie dies, no one mourns him or inquires for him. His wife, never who he loved with his life, never even showed up again. With the song, Curtis Mayfield tried to give a final goodbye to Fat Freddie, who was abused, ripped off and beaten by people and even on his death no one cared. “Freddie’s Dead” is full of funky, haunting and emotional music that explains the life of late Fat Freddie.

Watch Superfly – Freddie’s Dead

4. Titanic – My Heart Will Go on

“My Heart Will Go On” is the main soundtrack of the movie Titanic. Titanic is about the ship that sank in 1912 after colliding with a huge iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. However, the song is not about the ship but a romantic relationship between Jack and Rose. Sung by Canadian Singer Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go on” soon became a global hit and topped charts in over 20 countries. The song is one of the most-selling singles of all time. Celine Dion with her song delivers love, pain, affection, intimacy and emotion between Jack and Rose that will last for eternity even after they part.

Watch Titanic – My Heart Will Go On

5. Pulp Fiction – You Can Never Tell 

Pulp Fiction (1994) has some of the most appealing and iconic soundtracks including “Girl, you’ll be a Woman” and “You can Never Tell”. Quentin Tarantino approached the sense of the film in the way the two mob hitmen and his wife and a few bandits intervene in violence. The actions soon took an unexpected turn and everyone went rogue. Tarantino plays the 1964 hit by Chuck Berry “You Never Can Tell” to Jack’s dance off and the audience loved it with all the grooving moves that he delivered.

Watch Pulp Fiction – You Can Never Tell

6. Donnie Darko – Mad World

Donnie Darko is one of the best movies of all time and an extraordinary performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. Donnie Darko is a puzzling, brainiac teen drama movie by Richard Kelly. A troubled teen attached to the philosophy of time travel and controversies. In addition to the dramatic moments throughout the film, the songs really put up an extra effort to make it more exciting. “Head over Heels” by Tears for Fears and “Mad World” by Gary Jules are two of the best soundtracks from the movie.

Watch Donnie Darko – Mad World

7. Pitch Perfect – Cups

Anna Kendrick delivers a world-class performance in the movie Pitch Perfect (2012) with a combination of acting and music. A movie that highlights female empowerment and friendship. There is not just one soundtrack in the movie but a number of vintage hits massed together to make an awesome concept of life and music. Few of the hits from the movie are Cups, Bellas Finals: Price Tag/Don’t You, Pool Mashup, Bellas Regionals, Right Round and Trebles Finals.

Watch Pitch Perfect – Cups

8. Sing Street – To Find You

A 2016 Musical Drama set in the 80s about a school boy named Conor who tries to set his life toward a musical journey and decides to start his own music band. Conor names his group of high schoolers music band – Sing Street. The movie introduces a couple of original compositions including “To Find You” and “A Beautiful Sea”. Other soundtracks from the movie include: Duran Duran’s “Rio”, The Cure’s “In Between Days” and Adam Levine’s “Go Now”. 

Watch Sing Street – To Find You

9. A Hard Day’s Night – Tell Me Why

A Hard Day’s Night is one of the most iconic movies about The Beatles. Yes! You go that right. You might have listened to all of The Beatles songs but this movie is one of a kind starring The Beatles, about The Beatles and music by The Beatles. If you are a Beatles fan, you have to watch this movie and explore the life of your favourite boys before the disband. Not to mention you get to listen to some of the great soundtracks including “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “If I Fell,” “Tell Me Why,” and many more.

Watch A Hard Day’s Night – Tell Me Why

10. Wild Rose – Glasgow

Wild Rose is a musical drama about a single Scottish mother and a former convict, Rose Lynn trying to pursue her dream of becoming a Nashville music star. Jessie Buckley from hit movies like Beast and Chernobyl is the lead singer in Wild Rose and performs one of the best original movie songs of the year. Buckley covered Patty Griffin’s “Crying Over” and “Glasgow” written by Mary Steenburgen. Jessie Buckley has delivered an excellent performance with the songs and are worthy of listening on repeat.

Watch Wild Rose – Glasgow

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