The Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

The Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

We all know that mountain bikes are the latest trend among individuals. Thus, these bikers, cyclists, and most especially first-time mountain bicycle buyers are meticulous when choosing the right and the best model for them. 

If you plan to buy a mountain bike, researching would be your first step to have some ideas about its different models and brands. You need to know that mountain bikes have specific and unique features. Thus, having a keen eye would be an advantage. 

Maybe you are thinking, what kind of mountain bike would fit me best? With that, this article is the right place for you. We will list all the best picks for Hardtail mountain bikes. Plus, we will be giving you tips and advice that can serve as your buyer’s guide to know what you should look for before buying a mountain bike. 

What is a Hardtail Mountain Bike? 

If you are already on the road of biking, then you have experience riding a hardtail mountain bike or pretty much have a substantial amount of idea of what it was, but if you are a beginner 

Hardtail bicycles, commonly known as hardtail MTB, are built for riding on a range of off-road terrain and landscapes. from its name itself, hardtail bicycles lack back shocks yet include a front suspension fork. 

A hardtail bicycle’s front suspension assists bikers in handling challenging off-road settings. In riding across rocks, bumps, or leaps, its front suspension absorbs part of the pressure, easing the cyclist from tension. Hardtails MTB is defined and well-known because of its versatility capabilities. 

Additionally, they are a much more cheap, sturdy, and adaptable alternative for riders interested in venturing off the road or stepping into the field of terrain pedaling. 

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes for 2022 

Giant Talon 29 2

Price: $960.00 

Giant Talon 29 2

This hardtail MTB model is the most affordable bicycle on this list. It is a perfect alternative for dirt-curious cyclists looking to explore trails and cyclists who want to begin their bike racing career. Like the “Trek Marlin 7”, this model is suitable for amateur bike racing since its features are perfectly built for recreational riding. It has a massive similarity to the features of the Trek Marlin 7, but with a shorter range and smaller height, it’s a fantastic choice for cyclists looking for a more elevated and relaxed sitting posture. 

Various modifications have been made to this current model, such as: 

  • Giant’s own SXC32-2 RL suspension forks (100mm) 
  • 1×10-speed transmission system 
  • more extensive and much more durable wheels 
  • It has a slacker head tube angle design. 
  • The redesigned structure is also coherent with its dropper posts connected inside. 

Trek Roscoe 24 

Price: $519.99 

Trek Roscoe 24 

The Roscoe 24 model is an excellent MTB for young bikers who wish to practice off-road biking. This model has 24 inches wheels, 2.8-inches tires, a 1×8-speed from Shimano Road group set, and mechanical braking systems from Tektro, making it the ideal bicycle for novice cyclists learning how to handle the terrain. 

  • Perfect for the beginner cyclist 
  • Has 24 inches wheels, 2.8-inches tires 
  • Shimano Road group set 
  • Tektro braking system 

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 

Price: $1,250 

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 

Its structure is quite well-shaped, and also this MTB provides an exciting, fast, and ultimately fantastic experience. Additionally, its Internally routed shifting cables and hydraulic systems make the bicycle appear clean and smooth, as well as the design is suitable for internally managed suspension posts. 

But even though the Specialized Rockhopper Expert can traverse severely rough and tricky routes, it is not its most vital point. But that’s part of the bicycle’s appeal. It’s comfortable on easy trails and somewhat tricky climbs, but it’s tough enough to handle the rougher terrain. 

  • The Specialized Rockhopper Expert model is constructed with-
  • 100mm RockShox Judy 
  • Very lightweight alloy chassis 
  • 29-inch wheels. 
  • Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes 
  • Cranks: SRAM SX Eagle, 175mm 
  • Drivetrain: SRAM SX Eagle 

Specialized Fuse Comp 29 

Price: $1,675 

The Specialized Fuse Comp 29 hardtail MTB is a 130mm road bike that combines excellent control, including some incredible innovations. It has an outstanding specification for just a shop-bought bicycle. Yet, devoted distance sluggers may find it too hefty, while those seeking technical excitement may consider the design too bland.

The Fuse Comp 29 MTB model is a plus tire hardtail that can ride big. The gripping, tubeless-ready tires that measure 2.6-inch provide a good resistance on hills, complicated snow, and muddy soil. The excellent Fuse Comp 29 will make any terrain trip more enjoyable, whether you’re a newbie to mountain biking or an experienced terrain cyclist. 

  • The 130mm fork allows you to ride rougher terrain than other hardtails provide. 
  • The frame is compatible with 27.5+ wheels and tires if you like a better moving experience.
  • With a dropper post and loose shape, it’s great for descending. 
  • Alloy wheels, tubeless-ready 
  • Drivetrain SRAM SX Eagle, 12-speed 

Santa Cruz Chameleon Carbon 

Price: $2,699.00 

Santa Cruz Chameleon Carbon 

Its updated carbon fiber variant will please cyclists that want everything of the Chameleon’s shreddy personality without sacrificing its weight. As per the Santa Cruz personnel, this new frame is firmer and much more flexible than the aluminum alternative and is 250 grams lighter.

This Santa Cruz Chameleon Carbon is available in various configuration kits, all of which have a Shimano drivetrain. The SE Reserve construction is the highest-end variant, including Santa Cruz Reserved Carbon wheels mounted on a blue Hope hub and a complementing Hope headset. 

  • Santa Cruz’s most excellent flexible design has been the Chameleon trail hardtail. Santa Cruz’s most adaptable design is the Chameleon Mountain hardtail.
  • It is suitable for rims of 29 or 27.5 inches in diameter. 
  • having flexibility on tires measuring up to 2.6 and 3 inches in width 
  • It features a changeable chainstay size, allowing everything to be modified to a single-speed. It’s capable of ripping over rugged terrain or being equipped for hiking, an excellent choice for backcountry excursions. 
  • BRAKES: SRAM Guide R 

Ibis DV9 HT 

Price: $2,579 

Ibis DV9 HT

The design is strong enough to provide a tremendous uphill situation while loose enough for enjoyable slope cruising. In other terms, this bicycle is versatile enough to be used in various conditions. However, we do not encourage severe chunks or bumps on this model since it is not ideal to use in a dedicated hardtail biking. 

Ibis provided an excellent deal with the DV9 NX. Its carbon-based composite structure is complemented by an SRAM NX 1×11 transmission, a Fox 34 Quality suspension, and chunky 2.6-inches Schwalbe Nobby Nic wheels. All of these fantastic features for a whopping $2,579. 

  • The all-new Ibis DV9 is now a nimble carbon composite trail hardtail that climbs quickly and handles well. This MTB model is ideal for long-distance riding and odd cross-country racing. 
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8000 
  • Drivetrain: 1x 
  • 24mm spindle, 170 or 175mm length Shimano XT M8100 
  • SRAM NX 1×11 transmission 

Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy a Hardtail Mountain Bike 


Many entry-level hardtail MTBs use rim brakes that are less expensive and simpler to repair. Rim brakes are mostly not ideal for brisk terrain biking, and they might be slow during rain. 

Hydraulic disc brakes come in a wide range of styles and prices. They are easy to manage and update if you require extra biting strength. 


Most current MTBs include a 1x or 2x drivetrain for their gearing system. This pattern suggests that the front derailleur has one or double chainrings and is often quickly followed by a value showing the number of rings (or gears) on the cassettes. 

But most MTB manufacturers are transitioning to a 1x drivetrain since cassette dimensions have increased to accommodate all-terrain demands. A single rear chainring also lessens by eliminating the need for such a rear cog and a handlebar shifter. 


MTB wheels come in two sizes: 27.5″ (650b) and 29″. Typically, bigger 29?? wheels were preferable for cross-country cycling. It was primarily due to the superior obstacle-clearing and climbing skills. The 27.5″ wheel is lightweight but also more agile for difficult biking. 

But, the discussion over the ideal wheel sizes rages in all off-road biking activities, with some enduro and downhill cyclists choosing a combination of the two (commonly known as the “mullet”). It typically boils down to personal preference; thus, it is strongly advised to test before you purchase when available. 


Are Hardtails MTB Suitable for Newbies? 

Hardtails are basic but enjoyable MTBs ideal for improving your abilities and simply enjoying mountain experiences. 

Hardtail Mountain bicycles are unquestionably more straightforward to manage for amateurs than full suspension trail bicycles. Due to the lack of a suspension system, there seem to be fewer moving components that require routine maintenance. 

Is it Better to Get an Aluminum or Carbon fiber Hardtail? 

It is situational. Carbon MTBs are often lightweight and sturdier than aluminum MTBs. On the other hand, Aluminum-made bikes provide many of the same capabilities at a lower budget range.

Advantages of Hardtail Bikes 

Hardtail bicycles provide many advantages compared to other bicycle models. A Hardtail bike is a good alternative for anyone that wishes to experience terrain riding without spending a fortune. Due to their lower budget range, hardtail mountain bicycles are an ideal alternative for those interested in quality bike riding yet hesitant to invest in a full-fledged bicycle. 

An excellent hardtail MTB may be purchased for half of the charge from high-quality full-suspension MTB. Additionally, you will not be hitting professional terrain that demands complete suspension systems as a starter. 

You could ride your hardtail MTB for as much as you want, or when you realize that riding it is limiting your skills to improve. Hardtail bikes are a more cost-effective product than most other kinds of bikes sold in the market today, but they are reliable, and you can assure the experience. 


Purchasing a new MTB might be stressful because of its wide range of models available in the competitive market. Let alone the confusing technical terms and jargon stated on brochures and websites. 

Every year, technology rapidly progresses; therefore, innovative MTB with new specifications and features arise, and the old ones quickly become obsolete. Even for experienced bikers, the MTB industry can become a perplexing area due to an endless glossary of vocabulary. So, to avoid getting disappointed in the end, it is better to consult an expert or read reliable articles like this. We hope this article helps you pick the perfect Hardtail Mountain Bike that suits your needs and comfort.

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