The Best ITZY Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

The Best ITZY Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

ITZY is a girl group formed by JYP Entertainment back in 2019 and they have been climbing into the upper ranks of K-pop groups ever since. The link between artists and fans is perhaps stronger in K-pop than in any other genre. Websites can be found at a single click that detail everything their supporters need to know about individual artists… even zodiac signs are included. As such, differentiation is the key to the marketing, and each member of the group is assigned their role, be it as lead dancer, lead rapper, or lead vocalist, followed by what seems like bizarre appointments to the untrained eye: “visual,” “Maknae” … you’ve got to be in it to understand it.

However, the landscape has changed, and it is ITZY, the 5-piece girl group who are calling the shots. Made up of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, it has been just over a year that they have been on the scene, and their fanbase has grown at a staggering rate considering the relative saturation of the K-pop market. With 6 EPs, 7 singles, 2 single albums, and 3 promotional singles, ITZY is ruling the K-pop industry and those hundreds of millions of views on YouTube are the proof of it.

In this article, we review and rank the best ITZY songs based on ratings and votes from the users. Let’s get started!


“WANNABE,” by ITZY, has taken the K-pop world by storm on the first day of its release. On download charts, the track has beaten BTS to the top spot, which is no mean feat considering how dominant they have been since their last album dropped – nearly all of the 30 most-downloaded iTunes tracks had the blue, BTS “7” logo next to their names.

The official video for the track is exuberant, high in quality, and high-voltage from start to finish with over 444 million views on YouTube. English is blended with Korean just as dancing is blended with scenes of hair being cut, dolls being poked with needles, and other, sinister sequences. The themes are dark and daring, which is exactly what Korean art is known for in the international mindset, and it will keep fans on the edge of their seat. Hidden underneath the flashiness is a track about being yourself, and not bowing to other people’s expectations of who you should be.

In The Morning

ITZY released the official music video for “In The Morning” on April 30, 2021, and it has already chalked up nearly 215 million views within a year. They have been around for a while now when JYP Entertainment unveiled them as their new flagship girl band and had almost immediate commercial success with their single “It’z Different.” Following that they earned several ‘new artist’ awards on the Korean scene and crashed into the milieu like few groups have done before. All this served to create a very strong fanbase that still sticks with the group to this day. With each new release, they are there to push the cause and try to increase the numbers so that ITZY can be seen on the same level as BTS and Blackpink. They might just have succeeded.

The comments sections for “In The Morning” are full of fans imploring others to jump on the hype train: “To all fandoms who helped us stream, thank you so much! Midzy’s are so happy to have you guys to help us. We want a little favor to help us reach 215M views until tomorrow! Hope most fandom cooperate and help us as we do with your idols to. Thank you to all fandoms!!!”


With over 75 million views in the first three weeks, and 184 million views after 8 months of its release “LOCO” has been hitting the spot with fans. It has all the hallmarks of a k-pop hit, with lyrics in both English and Korean, multiple sets, costumes, and vibrant, shifting choreography. The word “loco” means mad in Spanish and it fits into the theme of the track, which is all about how love can make us go crazy. The Spanish title has clearly done the job as the comments sections are full of Spanish-speaking fans who have come to show their support to the group, ask other fans to share, and help boost the release to the top of the charts.

Certain fans have pointed out that the style mixes new and old: “This song gives the vibes of an old k-pop song but with a touch of gen z style, addictive with pre-chorus and chorus part, Itzy always comes with a new trend.” Others have gone into detail about what makes the music video work: “We need to talk about Loco first, the costumes are beautiful, Lia has improved a lot more in her dance, Yeji, and her charm, Finally JYP recognized Chaeryeong’s dance, Yuna is so beautiful, Ryujin looks beautiful in any hair. The vocal, dance, visual, and rap is impeccable! along with the MV, please midzy’s cherish this era!”


Dalla Dalla

Dalla Dalla is kind of a song that gives the vibe of several songs mashed and included in one. At many points, the track moves into the pop section, followed by a really bright chorus that’s different than any other ITZY song. But surprisingly the synth amp-up completely flips the expectations as the overall tone becomes much happier than the opening. The mood with the song slowly builds up and at one point you could feel like the song is amazingly catchy. This is the song that made fans think out loud – ITZY is different than any other K-pop group!

The video has everything you would wish for from a high-profile K-pop release: a large array of costumes and sets, a vibrant color scheme, and choreography that is well designed and tightly executed. The fastest-growing music space is showing no signs of slowing down.


“Dalla Dalla” was ITZY’s coming out party and their 2019 single “ICY” is the proof that they are not going anywhere. It has been nearly 2 years since the release of “ICY,” by ITZY and the official video has already reached around 250 million views on YouTube. ICY has received a lot of praise from the fans with thousands of comments on their official M/V. The girls’ undeniable charisma is something you could never take your eyes off. The famous review website “thebiaslist” says – “The concern with the ICY was the girls’ vocals as ITZY often strain towards a higher key than feels comfortable, and this results in a few segments that border cloying.”

Fans have been leaving comments in several languages under the official video, including Russian, Spanish, English, Korean and Japanese. One fan spoke to the dynamic nature of the track, pointing out it is a good workout song: “Do you know that by looping this video 8 times on a treadmill you’re already burning about 100 calories? Now you know why ICY is good for our health.”

Be In Love

1.7 million views for the new track by ITZY at the time of writing. With 6 thousand comments, the engagement is good, and the top comment demonstrates the tone of the community this group has, as well as the sense of belonging that is driven into the DNA of K-pop supporters: ” Another moment when everyone in the group is the main vocalist”.

The title and description of the music video mention it being a special video that was made for MIDZY’s love and participation therefore, they haven’t monetized the video. This is a really nice gesture by ITZY to honor MIDZY’s efforts. Additionally, the music video for “Be In Love” is simply extraordinary that you can look at all day. The sparking lights, the quirky acts of the girls, and the touch of K-pop and r&b are not to be missed.

Not Shy

With over 190 million views within a year of its release, ITZY’s “Not Shy” have outgrown most of the other groups in the show and stands alongside the likes of BTS and Blackpink at the top of the genre, which is increasingly seen as an international phenomenon, rather than a Korean one. However, despite the feeling of nostalgia already being present in the group’s back catalog, this new track still managed to attract new fans. Indeed, judging by the video you’d have to say that they were spot on. In a move that is unlike most K-pop videos, Yuna walks in first with her arousing look, Chaeryeong waiting on the back leaning on the wall as slowly other girls start to show up, “Not Shy” lived up more than fans anticipated.

Nobody Like You

ITZY’s fans consider Yeji – the best K-pop leader, Lia – the best vocalist, Chaeryeong – the best dancer, Ryujin – the best rapper, and Yuna – the best visuals and they are not shy to admit it. Amazingly, some have come to the party too late and have been leaving a different kind of bittersweet message in response to Midzy fans: If you watched Letters to Midzy, Ryujin said that she wants her group to be complimented without comparing them to anyone. So please midzys let’s stop commenting about others and support ITZY as much as we can.

The lyrics to “Nobody Like You” is mostly Korean but you could hear the English words like “Ain’t nobody like you, I like you No, nobody like you, yeah” every now and then. Although ITZY didn’t release an official music video for “Nobody Likes You” like the JYP official does, they did record a video of their own over a selfie camera and uploaded it to their own channel. The video has over 4 million views.


ITZY is the favorite girl group of many and ever since the release of their popular titles “Not Shy”, “Dalla Dalla”, and “Wannabe”, they have increased their fan base. ITZY songs have been impactful on many and “Surf” was not just another addition to the list. The vocals in the song are really well done and while you would love everything about this song including the lyrics, MV, hip-hop, and the instrumental, Chaeryeong sticks out the most with her parts in the verses and chorus. Additionally, Ryujin’s rap vibes really well with the song. Although the lyrics are mostly Korean and the music video doesn’t have millions of views on YouTube, “Surf” did really live up to the expectations.


The chorus “Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding (swipe) / Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding (swipe) / Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding (swipe)” was one of the best parts of the song and you could listen to this all day long without getting tired of. With over 32 million views on their official music video and 20 million views on the performance video, Swipe was a super successful song from ITZY. While the ITZY fans never stop comments coming, an Indonesian fan named Vante commented “The swipe move is literally will be new hot trends in TikTok for sure. This is so iconic. They are iconic”. If you are looking for a song to vibe with and dance to, Swipe is the track.

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