10 Best GOT7 Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

10 Best GOT7 Songs of All Time [Voted & Ranked]

With K-Pop gaining more and more popularity internationally, yet another artist made it into the global top ten. GOT7 is a hip-hop boy band established in South Korea. Its seven members have been assembled from not one, not two, but four countries – South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the US. Its members include JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngiae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Their official debut took place in January 2014, and since then the band has already secured seven awards as best newcomers and popular Asian artists. Until now they have released five studio albums, 16 EPs, and 22 singles. With decent sales for each of their albums, EPs, and singles, things are going good for the boy band, and they are not stopping.

GOT7 have released tons of songs and music videos since their debut and they have been able to maintain the spark over the years. In this article, we review and rank the best GOT7 songs based on ratings and votes from the users. Let’s get started!

You Calling My Name

A camera pans back in an underpass, revealing the silhouettes of seven figures, dark against the bright lights in the background. All of them are posing differently, but despite the backlights, we can see that they are dressed sharply from head to toe. This is the opening shot for “You Calling My Name,” the new sensation that was released by GOT7 in the last few days. However, at this stage it could be any other group. When the music kicks in after about fifteen seconds, the rules have changed, and now we are seeing the figures spread out on the ground in a kind of pinwheel formation. The man in the middle starts running on the feet of the others, round and round like the center of the wheel – it is this kind of creative choreography that sets them apart from the rest.

GOT7 haven’t yet hit the heights that they, or their creators JYP Entertainment surely want. However, with “You Calling My Name,” which has over 30 million views in around six days, all that is threatening to change. The hype is true as”You Calling My Name” starts off really strong. However, the critics might come down to the series of performances each member has presented. Something we have come to expect from K-pop before we have had enough time to appreciate some of the finer points of the piece. No matter, the dance energy stays high and the views keep on rising.

If You Do

“If You Do” was recorded and released as the lead single of the band’s EP “Mad” (September 30, 2015). It considerably varies from the sunny and inspiring “Just Right” released earlier this year as well as from most of their work to date. As for music, the song is a dark-disco groove although the lyrics is quite different and tells us about a relationship and the difficulty one faces in taking thing through while being afraid of losing them completely. 

One peculiarity “If You Do” offers is a spoken bridge performed in English by a female voice. Such bridges are rare for the genre of K-pop. The music video follows the overall mood and shows the angsty side of GOT7 members. The performance of the choreographed dance in the video earned special praise from the Korean singer-producer Park Jin Young who came up with the idea for the rather difficult dance routine. In his Instagram post, he admitted the band members did a great job.

Just Right

Their third mini album “Just Right” by GOT7 was released on July 13, 2015. It consists of six tracks. The first one, also titled “Just Right”, was released on the same day. The lyrics of the GOT7s’ song “Just Right” were written by Park Jin Young, while the track was produced by a Grammy-winning producer duo Jackie Boyz who have worked with numerous international artists. The song combines Southern hip hop and pop, with all the ingredients to become a summer hit.

In a colorful and frolic music video that was filmed along the lines of the lyrics, pocket-size band members dance on the table in the room of an upset girl, between her breakfast and private possessions, trying to enhance her confidence and telling her they like her the way she is. The girl is played by child artist Lee Ja-In who has previously acted alongside band member Jr. in a Korean drama.


GOT7, for the first time, showed they are more than just a Korean hip-hop group with their title “A”. The retro beat they use in their track “A” marks it as GOT7s’ most successful melody to date. Released in 2014 during their debut, A’s extended outro features GOT7’s most memorable refrains and punctuates the 80s synth which you just can’t resist. 

With over 120 million views on YouTube, the music video for “A” was shot in Malaysia and their Malaysian fans who missed the show commented to show their regrets with one saying “Still can’t believe they filmed the MV in Malaysia and I just became an ahgase this year”. Another fan tries to give a funny plot twist about Sana commenting “Plot twist: Turns out, the entire time, Sana didn’t know Korean so she had no idea what they were saying and that’s why she was giving them weird looks…”

Last Piece

With tracks from Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, BTS, and Ariana Grande in contention, it is a song by GOT7 that takes the top spot on the iTunes downloads chart. It shouldn’t come as a surprise – k-pop is the biggest genre in the world. Yet, the fact that it isn’t one of the giants like BTS, Blackpink, or Twice occupying the number one slot is more surprising. Indeed, Western fans would be forgiven for not knowing GOT7, but such is the rapid growth of the K-pop scene, it is hard to keep up, even for music fans.

GOT7 first made it big in the Japanese pop market and has since returned to Korea to make a name for themselves, but nothing so far has hit the heights of “Last Piece.” Judging by fans’ reaction, this is the one that will make all the difference, with one top commenter saying “I feel sad for people who haven’t discovered this masterpiece yet” and another commenting “The lyrics, beats, choreo, and visuals … perfection is an understatement.”

Indeed, judging by the video you’d have to say that they were spot on. In a move that is unlike most K-pop videos, GOT7 has opted for an obvious “set” look, whereby we can see where it was filmed, rather than GCI filling in the cracks. But apart from that everything is where you’d imagine it to be: there is the staple use of English lyrics permeating the song, a tight-as-a-drum choreography style, lots of colors, costumes, and shifts in tone. GOT7 have arrived, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to compete with the giants of this wildly polished genre.



“Fly” was recorded and released as the title track of the band’s latest EP “Flight Log: Departure”, both coming out on March 21, 2016. The extended play immediately became one of the most downloaded albums on iTunes in the United States. Musically, “Fly” is rather experimental for the band, bordering on R & B. It received positive feedback from reviewers for its structure, as well as for the way the band handled the inconsistent pacing, showing their mature side as artists.

The accompanying music video came out the same day as the single and hit 1.5 million views in 24 hours. Following the track’s vibe, the music video includes scenes of synchronized group dancing as well as individual scenes for each band member. As the title suggests, choreography is fly-themed. 

Hard Carry

Released back in 2016, Hard Carry is one of the most iconic songs of GOT7. Hard Carry is one of the heaviest title tracks released by the group so far with the sledgehammer beat hits with a force that marks their status as K-pop’s leading boy band group. The song doesn’t require any introduction and GOT7 probably didn’t have to go this hard with the song. 

The songwriter should have just written “Hard Carry” and pulled it off. The potential this song says about GOT7, mark our words, they are here to stay. With over 118 million views on YouTube as of 2022, “Hard Carry” is a successful GOT7 hit. Although the lyrics are mostly in Korean, you could hear the English verses of the chorus that goes like: “Let’s fly again, fly again, fly again I got this right (I got this right)”.


“Lullaby” was released on September 17, 2018, on the album “Present: You”. Lullaby is a kind of song that will wake you up instead of putting you to sleep. The boys have really performed above their marks and the hip-hop quirky music is irresistible. With over 126 million views and 334K comments on the music video for Lullaby, the fan following of GOT7 has increased by wow numbers. One of the fans in the comments section says: “This makes me nostalgic, I remember when this came out and it was a hit, proud of being got7.” 

And other comments a whole paragraph “I only recently became an Aghase and my biggest regret is not becoming a fan of GOT7 sooner. However, in the months that I have gotten to know the group, I have already learned more about you than I expected to figure out. I have watched you bring together your members and establish a connection among them when GOT7 was just debuting.” The lyrics of Lullaby are almost all Korean but you can hear the English words in the chorus every now and then with “Sweet talk to me babe/ It’s a magical Sweet lullaby”.

Never Ever

“Never Ever” is a blend of hip-hop and EDM perfectly put together with a big amount of charismatic energy. It’s one of those rare title tracks from GOT7 that you simply can’t miss if you are a fan. Although the song starts up strong, something felt up missing when the chorus part arrived and didn’t give as much energy as GOT7s’ other title tracks. Regardless, the music video has nearly 200 million views as of 2022 and ranks #9 on the list of 10 best songs by GOT7. 

Comments sections are full of positive messages of support for the artist: “ Can’t believe this song is already 4 years old, I remember getting excited when it first came out” and another one comments “I’m a bit sad that I discovered Got7 only now. I discovered them through Jackson Wang (I discovered him first for his songs). I then started watching all their MVs and videos related to them. Not only that they’re all talented, I admire their friendship. Their bond seems so genuine and natural and it makes me admire their group even more. I hope they come back so I can listen more to their music. I started loving Kpop only now because of them.” Truly, GOT7 are the face of K-pop.


Park Jin-Young, of his real name, is a Korean star who is known by the name Jinyoung (he dropped the Jr. or Junior that he used to use as an artist). A South Korean actor, songwriter, singer, and dancer, he got his start acting in TV dramas like Dream High 2, released in 2021, and more. He notably starred in A Stray Goat in 2016 and He is Psychometric in 2019. But it is music where he has established himself, known for being a member of the popular boy band Got8=7 and the duo JJ Project.

2021 has been a big year for the artist. He left JYP Entertainment, a huge agency that has acted as a creator for many different high-profile groups, for BH Entertainment, which was founded by the actor Lee Byung-hun. This has given him a new lease of life in his solo career and has also landed him new acting roles like Yumi’s Cells, which is slated for release in the latter half of the year. 

“Dive” is the first single from this new arrangement and was released as a gift to all fans on streaming sites. Jinyoung wrote and composed the track, something that is a rarity in the K-pop machine and has been gaining quick ground on the 1theK Originals Youtube Channel (it is common for K-pop stars to release via centralized channels).


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