Best Food Delivery Apps of 2022

best food delivery apps

Ordering food online is the best alternative in days when you don’t feel like making food at home. The online food delivery has evolved after the first initiation in 1994 when a pizza from pizza hut was first ordered online. The world’s first online food delivery service, World Wide Waiter ( was founded in 1995 serving in northern California which then expanded to major cities of the US. Online food delivery has grown over the years and according to Statista, it’s now a billion-dollar business. Most of these service providers have now extended their services in other countries too.

According to the recent survey taken in the USA, 60% of consumers order delivery every week. 31% said they use third-party delivery services once or twice a week and more than 34% of customers spend at least $50 per order when ordering their food online. These statistics show how people are depending upon food delivery services to get food. The bright side is these food delivery services are qualified by FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) agencies so the food you get will not be compromised for health.

Most of these online food delivery services operated & received orders through web and calls until a few years back. Domino’s launched their first fast-food delivery app which made it easier for consumers to make orders online and deliver the order within 30 minutes. Today almost every food delivery service provider has its own mobile app to make it convenient for its users to order online. With a mobile app, you can now place your order within a minute without having to call or surf the web. Among many popular online food delivery apps in the U.S, we have sorted out the best and fastest below.

5 Best Food Delivery Apps in the U.S


Available in both Android & iOS, DoorDash is one of the best on-demand food delivery service providers. You can order any type of food and beverages in DoorDash including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and alcoholic drinks. It has partnered with most of the popular restaurants over 600+ cities across the U.S. and Canada. DoorDash also offers “Dash Pass” which lowers service fees and the app itself includes “Yum Score” that reviews & rates food quality. If you want a contact-free delivery there is also a delivery instruction box in the app that can be used to specify where you’d like your food arrived.


  • Monthly Dashpass Lowers Service Cost
  • Wide Range of Restaurants
  • Fast Delivery


  • Delivery Fees can be high

Uber Eats

If you are already a user of Uber, Uber Eats is the best food delivery app for you as it’s integrated with Uber in many cities. Uber Eats has the highest number of app downloads among all food delivery apps. You need to connect the app to your Uber account to make orders from local restaurants. Uber App is available on both Android and iOS. The basic food delivery charge is $4.99 which can vary according to distance from your delivery location and type of restaurant. More than 1 billion orders have been delivered by Uber drivers & growing as claimed by the company. The Uber Eats is available in most of the major cities worldwide.


  • Uber Integration
  • Cashless Payments
  • Delivery Tracking


  • Service charge is high



Grubhub is one of the best food delivery services popular for its perks and rewards. It offers you the best deals from restaurants & provides you perks on every order you make. You can also place an order in any local restaurant from Grubhub and pick the food yourself instead of having it delivered. Grubhub is partnered with 115000+ restaurants over 1100+ cities in the U.S.  Along with its extensive reach, the functionality to place an order up to 4 days in advance makes Grubhub unique than others. The delivery charges may vary with distance but some restaurants provide free delivery too. The Grubhub app is available on both Android and iOS.


  • Supports Multiple Payments
  • Fast Food Delivery (Within 30 Minutes)
  • Order Tracking


  • Delivery Charges can be high is another food delivery app available on both Android & iOS devices. You can use to order food, groceries, beverages, and even dry cleaning services. It is available in more than 1800 cities in the U.S. with around 15000 restaurants ready at your service. The delivery time and fee might vary according to your distance. You can earn delivery points for every dollar you spent on the app. With enough points, you can win an iPad Mini and other tech items. The app is free to use and the company doesn’t charge you any fee to use their services.


  • Extensive Reach
  • Range of Services
  • Order Tracking


  • Orders are late sometimes



Postmates is now available in more than 4200 cities and all 50 states in the U.S including D.C. with over 500k restaurants you can choose from. You can order any food including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even alcoholic beverages. The Postmates app operates 24/7 and will deliver you food anytime if the restaurants you are ordering from are open. The delivery charge can be around $1 to $10 depending upon the distance. Postmates offers a subscription plan “Postmates Unlimited” for $10/month and $100/year with which you can get free delivery for orders of $12 or more. The Postmates app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


  • Many Choices
  • 24/7 Service
  • Save on Subscription plans


  • Limited locations


There are various other food delivery apps operating in the U.S. like Instacart, goPuff, ChowNow, Seamless, and more which didn’t make the list. However, it doesn’t mean they are not good. This list is made up of total users and the quality of service provided by them. Most of these food delivery apps are free to download from app stores and you don’t have to pay for using their services.

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