Best Chance The Rapper Songs of All Time (Top 20 Tracks)

chance the rapper top 20 songs

A review of the Chicago rapper’s greatest hits album after Coloring Book was released. Before 2013, when his Acid Rap mixtape was released and the world was enthralled, most of us were unaware of Chance The Rapper (born Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, in 1993). It was the greatest mixtape of 2013.

Everyone’s minds were then completely blown by Acid Rap. The dominating Chicago drill rap nihilism storyline of the day was easily juxtaposed with Chance’s cheerful, joyous, positive, and unique sound. Chance provided a much-needed fresh viewpoint, and his supporting band, the Sociological Experiment, added horns and generally upbeat music to the mix.

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With a little help from his collaboration albums Surf with Donnie Trumpet and its Social Experiment and Free Based Freestyles with Lil B, the world waited a while for a review of Acid Rap, and three years later we finally got it with Coloring Book. The album is the only one to reach the Billboard chart based entirely on streams and has received appreciation from both critics and average listeners.

Chance has done a lot of things so quickly. He has performed at all the major festivals, including Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian, Macklemore, 2 Chainz, and Ryan Lewis, among other artists who have worked with him.

What Are Chance The Rapper’s Top 10 Tracks?

It’s difficult to foresee Chance’s next move, but it will undoubtedly be noteworthy. Here are his top 20 tracks in the meantime.

1. Chain Smoker

Listen To Chain smoker On Repeat

You could shed happy tears while playing this Chain the smoker. It talks about how Chance wants us to appreciate him and the music and how each opportunity is important since life is too short. The chorus goes, “I played this so loud in the car, I forgot to park my whip,” Play it loud, while also remembering to put the whip away.

2. No Problem

Listen To No Problem On Repeat

Chance sounds rougher than he’s ever sounded on this Coloring Book single with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. Although the chorus is a rallying cry, it still has the uplift Chance is known for. He sounds much like a sweetheart even when he threatens.

3. Juice

Listen To Juice On Repeat

Chance raps about having a lot of juice in the cheerful Acid Rap song Juice. He sounds so pleased and confident in it that it was contagious and left us wanting more. It was among his first songs. He had a lot of juice, and he flaunted it all while dancing in Times Square for the Juice video.

4. Good Ass Intro

Listen To Good Ass Intro On Repeat

Good Ass Intro is the start of an Acid Rap. With a catchy song bursting with happiness, hope, and psychedelic wonder. It shows Chance enjoying all of his achievements at the time, which are unquestionably enormous achievements, but consider how much he has accomplished since then, Incredible.

5. All We Got

Listen To All We Got On Repeat

Nobody could have guessed that three years after Acid Rap changed everyone’s paradigm, Chance the Rapper will be collaborating with Kanye West. In 2016, Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album had Chance The Rapper on the first track, and Chance The Rapper returned the favor by featuring Kanye on the opening track of Coloring Book.

6. Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft Vic Mensa and Twista)

Listen To Cocoa Butter Kisses On Repeat

Chance the Rapper spoke about the past, love, his mother and grandmother, Chuck E. Cheese pizza, and getting slapped on “Cocoa Butter Kisses” from Acid Rap while receiving support from fellow Chicago artists Vic Mensa and Twista. This song demonstrated how much color, detail, and creativity he can fit into a verse.

7. Angels (ft Saba)

Listen To Angels On Repeat

Honestly, the emerging Chicago rapper Saba, whose chorus on Angels is amazing, is the hero of this song. Together, the two sing uplifting music about their hometown and the people that keep it going. We hope that these two continue to collaborate on music.

8. Nostalgia

Listen To Nostalgia On Repeat

Rapper Chance often discusses the memories (but the present and the future, honestly). In this song Nostalgia from his mixtape 10 Days, he waxes sentimental and shares personal facts. He is open to having a sexual relationship.

9. Favorite Song (ft Childish Gambino)

Listen To Favorite Song On Repeat

Rappers often don’t talk about hacky sacks or Rascal Flats in their lyrics, but Chance was doing just that on this song with rapper/actor Childish Gambino. One of my favorite Acid Rap tracks is a song about the artist’s favorite tune.

10. Mixtape

Listen To Mixtape On Repeat

It all began with a mixtape, so it’s only fitting that Chance boasts he’s the only rapper that “still believes in mixtapes” here on Coloring Book single with Young Thug and Lil Yachty, two other musicians who gained notoriety through mixtapes.

Due to musicians like Drake or Chance the Rapper, who make mixtapes available for purchase or exclusively through streaming services like ListenOnRepeat, it is now unclear exactly what a mixtape is. Aside from that crucial matter, it’s a nice song with three fun rappers.

11. Smoke Break

Listen To Smoke Break On Repeat

It’s easy to understand why Chance once stated in an event that “Smoke Break” was among his favorite tracks from Coloring Book. The rapper’s moving thoughts on his life before fame are supported by the twisted reverb synths of Garren Langford. If this isn’t enough, Future adds two of his fire verses. Both stoners and lovers will enjoy this odd yet pleasant song.

12. Hey Ma

Listen To Hey Ma On Repeat

Every great rapper (including 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye West) has a song devoted to their mother, and Chance’s song is a good addition to the canon. You can play it for your mom as well because it is upbeat, soulful, and most importantly, family-friendly. Although not proven, it is believed that the song was written during Chance’s historic high school expulsion, which gave rise to his 10-Day mixtape.

13. Windows

Listen To Windows On Repeat

The song was first published on SoundCloud, which has since been taken down for legal concerns. We like to imagine this is because of the Apollo Brown and Lonnie Liston Smith “Bridge Through Time” sample, which is also the reason for the legal problems. Chance’s expertly written Chi-town bars undoubtedly add to the track’s overall quality. He pays tribute to a number of the city’s underground musicians who were instrumental in shaping the sound of his rhymes.

14. Lost

Listen To Lost On Repeat

Noname, a rapper, and poet from Chi-town contribute a verse to this song that describes her interactions with different people and drugs. Chance responds by recalling his own experiences and using equally strong language. If their confessions don’t make you cry, Nate Fox’s piano riff should at least make you smile.

15. Blessings

Listen To Blessings On Repeat

Jamila Woods, a native of Chicago, anchors this warm, gospel music with her cheery voice on the hook, demonstrating the almost limitless talent available there. Chance adds his spiritual insights, reworking the phrase “When the compliments go up, the blessings flow down,” while also discussing his experiences as a father, his involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement, and of course, his relationship with God.

16. Israel (Sparring)

Listen To Israel On Repeat

This song features a fantastic, lo-fi beat produced by Cam O’bi. Chance is given a platform by the producer, who is also behind SZA’s “Doves in the Wind,” to easily execute his stream-of-conscious flow. Noname’s verse on the song is skillfully written, and the duo also uses connections from the Old Testament to reframe their situation. We’re certainly here for it because it’s clever.

17. Same Drugs

Listen To Same Drugs On Repeat

It’s vital to remember when listening that “Same Drugs” isn’t about drugs, as Chance previously tweeted. Although the rapper has previously used rap to discuss using drugs for fun, this song has a somber tone as it’s about the exclusion(s) between a lover and himself. The song features a tasteful fusion of vocals, keys, and strings in addition to giving listeners a chance to hear Chance singing.

18. All Night

Listen To All Night On Repeat

Every artist needs a dance song, and with Kaytranada producing this beat, there was no chance this song wouldn’t be a smash. Given the song’s nightclub atmosphere, the song’s old-school Chicago house sounds are appropriate. Chance uses the backdrop of women, drugs, and parties; all of which are rap clichés; to talk about his concerns about fame and riches.

19. Paranoia and Pusha Man

Listen To Paranoia and Pushaman On Repeat

When you receive two things for the cost of one, you can’t argue. This double-first track takes listeners back to the 1970s when Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” provided the Blaxploitation era’s soundtrack. Before Nosaj Thing works his charm on the ethereal sound of “Paranoia,” where Chance is candid about the impacts of drugs and hedonism, Chance and Nate Fox whip out classic street lingo on “Pusha Man.”

20. Summer Friends

Listen To Summer Friends On Repeat

You guessed it, another collaboration from Chicago. Together, Jeremih and Chance talk about their distinct South Side upbringings. Although summer is typically linked with developing relationships, warm weather, and general enjoyment, the two discuss a reality wherein their fantasies of a relaxing vacation were interrupted by drug use, gun violence, and death.


It’s no surprise that artists like Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Twista all have clamored to collaborate with the man who was born Chancellor Jonathan Bennett given his tremendous lyrical abilities and his consistently successful projects.

Chance’s Coloring Book mixtape won a Grammy in 2017 as Best Rap Album despite not having an official LP, demonstrating that independently produced music can nonetheless achieve great success. He became the first artist to do it with a record that could only be heard online with sites such as ListenOnRepeat thanks to the accolade.

The 25-year-old of Chicago has avoided the legalities of getting a record deal to this point and has kept up good streaming numbers without ever putting out a proper album.

If you want to enjoy and understand Chance The Rapper’s top tracks you can use ListenOnRepeat which gives you unlimited free loops, with start stop times when creating your own playlist.

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