How Listening to Music Benefits You to Focus and Creativity

benefits of music

Music undoubtedly is one of the most important triumphs of human creativity, so often moving out souls in a way that can be universal across different periods and cultures. How sounds affect the human mind and its performance has been a topic of scientific research for over 50 years. Sometimes, it moves us to tears; whereas, it also motivates us to dance and jump with joy on occasions. Every once in a while, it also gives us shivers and goosebumps in a way only an incredibly soulful piece of music can.

Derived from several research findings, in this blog, we have briefed about four main effects music has on our mind and body.

Gives You Inspiration

Listening to a particular song and being transported to a specific place or emotion – we have all been there.  The music unfolds the recollection of memories that are normally tucked away in our brains—memories from a time of life like a particular Christmas, a childhood friend, or even losing a person you love. If you are rummaging for inspiration, music will serve as a strong memory cue and a foolproof catalyst to spark ideas.

Sharpens Your Focus

If only all of us had perfect focus and be able to complete a task without distraction whenever we wanted. For most of us, it is a real struggle if we forget our headphones at home. Listening to music while working helps us to block the unnecessary babbling or honking that’s going on around us. The consensus, which is widely believed, is that music helps us to get in a zone and increase the focus on whatever we’re working on by blurring everything that’s going around.

Music Relaxes You

Thanks to music’s ability to impeccably channel a person’s emotions, it can act as a tension reliever when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Several scientific studies have proven that music’s relaxing effects can be witnessed on anyone, including newborns. Especially, if you listen to soothing music, it helps to relax your muscles and breathing. The more relaxed we feel, the more likely we’re to come up with creative ideas.

However, a recent study by Swedish researches has challenged the popular view that music enhances creativity. The scientists claim that listening to music while doing a task will significantly impair one’s ability to conduct creative processes and tasks.

This is particularly true if you are listening to different songs or playlists while working. In this case, one tends to get excited every time a different song is played. Wondering what song will be played next also will take up too much time. This eventually leads to a stronger focus on music and a lowered focus on the work at hand.

Now, what’s the solution?

Listening to a Song on Repeat

Yes, we know it sounds a little weird, but give it a try. Listening to one song on repeat will provide you with the energy listening to music usually gives you while also enabling you to focus on the song as the song slowly blurs into the background. In short, listening to one song on repeat will eventually make it pleasant background noise, and you will end up with undivided attention to concentrate on whatever you’re doing.

Often, we all come across a song we can’t stop listening to – a song we listen to while driving, doing dishes, eating, bathing – practically every waking hour of our day. But many of us may not have realized that this tendency comes with an arsenal of benefits: boosting focus and creativity. Turns out that founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg listens to a single song on loop when he has to ‘get in the zone’.

US-based psychologist Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis in her book On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind explains that musical repetition gets us mentally singing or imagining through the bits we anticipate to come next. It gives rise to the sense of shared subjectivity with the music. She says that during most intense experiences of music, people often talk about the sense that the boundary between themselves and music dissolves.

Now that explains everything. The more we listen to the song/music on repeat, the more we dissolve into it. It is extremely beneficial for creative work. Now that you have realized the pros of listening to music on repeat, head over to ListenOnRepeat for a hassle-free experience of playing your favorite music on loop!

Hope you enjoy reading this article and knew about the effects of music in our life. Also read.


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